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Raising Men

The other day on Facebook I asked what you guys would like to hear about from me. We are in the middle of some pretty big life changes, new job, new house, etc… and I’ve lost some motivation to blog. But I really love the community that we have at Ma Nouvelle Mode. I love when people share encouraging words on Instagram or Facebook with me. It’s just so fun to connect with real women, walking through the same things in life as I am.

So I don’t want to stop blogging. I don’t want to say goodbye to this community. I just needed a little kick in the pants to get going again! You guys had some good suggestions, and I thought I’d start with a post on raising men.

Let me start by saying I am in no way an expert on the subject. I spend most of my morning praying that God will cover my mistakes and draw these little guys to Himself. But I do have a job to do as a parent, and here are some ways I try to do my best.

I have two sons. They are 6 and 9 years old. Here’s what I’ve got so far.

Raising Men

raising men

Take responsibility

This is a HUGE one. Now a days I feel like kids aren’t made to take responsibility for their actions and choices. It’s everyone else’s fault. My kids do this just as much as the next person, but I work very hard to have them see where they were lacking and how they can own up to their choices. I have them acknowledge their mistake, tell me how they will do better next time and ask for forgiveness. It usually goes a little something like this:

I’m sorry for disobeying your rules.

Next time I will make better choices and remember what you said. (NOT “next time I will not break the rules.” They have to say what they will do next time to help them think through better choices.)

Will you please forgive me?

This is just one way I am trying to get them to own up to their mistakes, acknowledge what they did, think about what they could have done/what they will do next time, and ask for forgiveness from the one they wronged. Sometimes it’s me, sometimes it’s each other and sometimes it’s a friend or cousin. I know this is hard for them, this is hard for a lot of adults! But I am hoping that with practice and letting them know it’s okay to acknowledge our mistakes, they will grow up to be adults who aren’t afraid to own up to their actions and think of ways to be better.

Have responsibilities

You are living in a comfortable, warm home. You are eating good food and never go hungry. You are clothed and warm and have most everything you need. No, I am not going to pay you for taking out the trash. No, you don’t get a reward for folding your laundry. Chores are a part of life and the faster they get that into their little heads, the better off they will be!

Worry about yourself


Isn’t this a huge one? If you have kids you probably hear a lot of “but mom he did it first!” Okay, so-and-so might be a jerk. He might call you names or say mean things. But what can you do? You can’t control other people and sometimes people’s actions aren’t going to be very nice. What can you do? You can walk away. You don’t have to play with that person. You can find something else to do. If it’s really bad, you can tell an authority. But what you don’t want to do is get caught up in it.

On more than one occasion I have had to remind my 9-year-old to mind his business. He gets caught up in what’s going on and ends up in trouble as well. As much as I believe that he may not have started something or tired to be a part of it, he still didn’t keep to himself and ended up in the middle of something he didn’t need to be in.

Now, I do make exceptions when they would be sticking up for someone else. This has happened before and I like that they have come to the aide of someone who was being picked on. However, this is usually few and far between and they’d do well to worry about their actions not everyone else’s.

Be Respectful

It’s not very hard. Yes sir. Yes ma’am. No thank you. Yes please. It doesn’t seem very hard, does it? And yet, somehow for little guys it can be. We are working very hard to help our boys learn how important it is to respect authorities. And if they get in trouble by another authority other than me or my husband, instead of feeling upset someone else corrected my kid, I actually like it. I remind my kids that there is authority everywhere, not just at home. If you can’t learn to listen to me, dad, coaches, teachers — how can you expect to listen to a boss someday and hold a job? Respect is very important and something my husband is HUGE on. If they disrespect mom, they have to deal with him, and that’s not fun.

Do it yourself

Mom can you tie my shoes? Mom, can you open this? Mom can you come here?


No I can’t help you with every. little. thing. you have to do. You can do it! And yes, it might take longer than 3 seconds to get it done (gasp!) but that’s okay. It’s okay to work through something hard and accomplish it yourself. It’s GOOD for you to try something that’s hard and maybe even fail a few times first. I am not here to make everything easy for you. I am here to guide you. What help will I be if I do everything for you? Are you hungry? Make a sandwich. Thirsty? You know where the cups are. You have practice in 15 minutes? I shouldn’t have to tell you to get ready for it. Forgot your school papers? No, I’m not running them into school.

There are exceptions, of course. I’m not cruel. But for the most part I want my boys to learn how to do things themselves. I want them to learn to cook, do laundry, fold clothes and generally fend for themselves. And I think their future wives will thank me some day!

I’m not your friend

One thing that is hard about being a momma of boys is that one day, I will be replaced. When my boys grow up and get married, I won’t be able to have the same relationship with them as I do now. Their wives will be the main women in their lives and that is the way it should be. It’s a tough thing to think about, but I have to. So in my parenting, I remember that I am not their friend. I don’t want to raise momma’s boys who can’t live without me. I want to raise well-adjusted, self-sufficient, capable men who eventually leave me.

So I have to choose to do the hard thing a lot of the time because I’m not your friend, I’m your mother and I’m not here to make life comfortable for you, I’m here to help you become a good person.

You are LOVED

Bottom line, above all – YOU ARE LOVED. And don’t you ever forget it. You don’t have to go anywhere else to find love. You are surrounded by people who think you’re amazing. People who want the best for you and believe in you. You have all the support you could ask for in these walls. And that will never change.

That’s all I’ve got! I would really love love love to hear your thoughts in the comments! What are some of your tips on raising boys/men? I will always take any tips I can get!

10 Responses to Raising Men

  1. Ana @ Lessons From Yesterday December 19, 2016 at 1:42 pm #

    These are wonderful! I too am a boy-only mom, and I’ve learned SO much over the past 13 years. One thing I’ll add is the importance of working hard and never giving up, even when things get tough–I actually posted about this subject today. Best wishes to your family with all the changes that are happening! 🙂

    • Natalia December 28, 2016 at 8:44 am #

      I completely agree! I have that issue with my older son. He wants everything done right now, immediately and doesn’t want to work super hard for anything. We are working on chores like making dinner and mowing the lawn that will hopefully help him understand that hard work pays off and he has to put in the work for it to do so! It’s a battle, but praying we get through!

  2. May December 22, 2016 at 1:26 am #

    So nice to read about your boys again I’ve always loved reading your blog, as a mum of three i find your honesty refreshing. i loved reading your love story!!! especially as it was so similar to what i think a lot of us go through….. i have a 6 year old boy who is extremely lazy and likes ‘mum’ to do everything for him!! i totally agree with raising them not to be mummys boys i think you will make an awesome mother in law….. Its also nice you are not ashamed to openly talk about your christianity i live in the UK and find it sad that people are hesitant to talk about the Lord and their faith and so many morals have slipped in our society.

    Please keep blogging although sounds like your life is super busy right now! hope your move/new job changes are working out.

    Love your great hair too!!

    • Natalia December 28, 2016 at 8:42 am #

      Thank you so much! I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have reader like you who take time to leave meaningful comments like this one. I have been super busy and my blog has definitely slipped a little, and I hate to lose readers but I am hoping for a little grace and understanding during this super crazy time in our lives. Thank you for yours! Sounds like you’re a great mom! Boys will be lazy, as long as we’re here to help them get their acts in gear!

  3. Johanna December 22, 2016 at 1:23 pm #

    Loved this! My boys are 1 and 4 and I just read the whole post and leave it open to read it again tomorrow to think about it a bit more. Very clearly written. Thanks for putting these thoughts out there. Happy holidays to you and your family.

    • Natalia December 28, 2016 at 8:40 am #

      Thank you, that’s very sweet! I am glad it helped. Being a parent is HARD so it’s always great to share tips!

  4. Mitch January 31, 2018 at 2:19 am #

    Wow! This is really nice. I learned a lot. I am not yet a mother, but I would really like to apply this someday on my own children. I can apply it now on my younger siblings, since our father is no longer with us (he is in heaven now), we have to help our mother in raising the younger ones. So, thank you for this. 🙂

    • Natalia April 17, 2018 at 12:02 pm #

      I am glad it helped! And yes, you can help apply it to, even if it’s not your own kids, I know your siblings will appreciate it someday!

  5. Sarah February 4, 2018 at 12:56 pm #

    I’m a teacher of 4th and 5th graders, no kids of my own, but try to instill the same principles.
    How I wish other parents would take your advice. We are creating a society of entitled kids who turn into entitled adults.

    • Natalia April 17, 2018 at 12:00 pm #

      You are doing your part at school at least! We just need more parents involved!

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