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As like probably most of you, my life has been crazy lately. I don’t even know how it happens, just somehow I end up running around crazy. It could, possibly, be that I’m not the most organized person, as much as I try to be, and then before I know it, everyday life catches up with me.

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A couple weeks ago (how is it already a couple weeks ago??) Plated sent me two dinners to try out. This is not a paid post, they just asked me to write about them if I wanted to. After making the dinners & eating them, I decided that I wanted to. Let me tell you a little but about how it works.

ingredients for plated

Plated is chef-designed recipes, pre-portioned ingredients that are delivered to your home every week. You choose from original recipes that are inspired by the season, and a box will arrive containing everything you need to make said recipes in the exact portion that you need. All you have to do is then prepare dinner. No shopping or deciding or meal planning, just the cooking.

step 1

I loved the recipe card. I consider myself a decent cook, but I’m no chef and creativity isn’t a strong suit in the kitchen. But I can follow a recipe with the best of them! I just laid out the card, that had pictures and everything, and I followed it! I think I had this done in 20 minutes — 30 tops.

step 2

I cut up the ingredients to go in the meat, mixed it, formed the burgers and put them in the pan first. While they were cooking I cut up the ingredients for the salad and put them all in a bowl which was quite simple!

step 3

I mixed those around, flipped the burgers, toasted the bread — or wait, I didn’t toast it but I think I should have — and assembled dinner!


And guys, it was gooood. I had to share, which I wasn’t happy about, but every one that ate it agreed that it was delicious. Clearly I am no food blogger, but I can see the balsamic vinegar is on the side of the plate and I probably should have wiped it off. I was so focused on eating it, I couldn’t be bothered with a perfect photo!!

I had two meals in my box, the burgers & falafels. I preferred the burgers, but we all ate the falafels – even the kids! The boys loved the cucumber salad and I love that I didn’t have to think about dinner, it was just there.

plated - falafels

So, pros and cons to this service.


  • The ingredients are all there, in the exact amounts you need them in. No shopping, forgetting ingredients, having to go back to the store, etc.
  • The dinners are GOOD.
  • The dinners are creative without having to be creative.
  • Someone else is doing all of the leg work.
  • It comes right to your door.
  • They were quick, easy, yummy meals.


  • My family eats a lot.

I think that this service would be really practical for a young married couple, duel income household who are short on time and don’t have a ton of mouths to feed. I have a family of four and three of the four are boys who eat like you wouldn’t believe. I rely heavily on left overs otherwise I would spend my life in the kitchen. If they had a family version of this, I would be ALL IN.

The dinners are $12 a person, which isn’t exactly cheap, but if you’re short on time, this is definitely something to consider.

Right now they are offering a free dinner for two with your first purchase if you’re interested in trying it out!

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