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Subtle Changes

I have been blogging for 5 years now. FIVE YEARS! That’s crazy to me. And over the course of these five years my most popular posts have been pretty consistent. 13 ways to wear your bangs, DIY Face Lotion for sensitive skin, 5 ingredient guacamole and the 28-day detox review. People still write me asking to learn more about the detox. So I thought I would share a little more info, show you guys where I’m at with it and that I still do it and love it!

The first time I did it was a year and a half ago. I lost a couple pounds and loved the way I felt. My mom did it and she lost 13 pounds her first month and continued to stick with the plan generally and lost another 7 totally at 20 pounds. My dad did it and I watched him thin out to the lowest he’s been in something like 20 years. I watched friends lower their notoriously high cholesterol, balance blood sugar and get themselves off of medication. So to say I’m a big fan of the program would be an understatement!

Check out my mom’s results:

before and after Arbonne

Doesn’t she look amazing? Amazing, I tell you. She has been doing so great, I’m so proud of her. She’s exercising, eating right and has kicked some bad habits in the butt. And she’s 57 years young! 🙂

Here are my personal results.

personal results on Arbonne

The picture on the left was taken this summer towards the end of July while we were vacationing in Yosemite. Now, I know that I am standing next to my stick of a niece and that my body is kinda squished with the angle I have it at. And I am by no means saying that I was fat before hand. I just know what is comfortable for my body and I want to maintain that size. So when I feel myself getting a little out of control, I have to reign it back in. That’s what I did! In September we all did the detox — my husband(!!), my mom, my dad, and I. I lost probably 7 pounds but the most important thing was that I felt great.

The picture on the right was taken earlier this week. I had been working out very consistently 3 times a week, lost a little focus over Christmas/holiday time, and then got back on track in January. I feel fit and strong and healthy. It feels amazing!!

The reason I love the detox and people have such amazing success on it is because it’s formulated in a very practical way and it is structured for you to turn this type of eating into a lifestyle. You don’t drink a funny drink, you don’t have to take any pills, you’re not sprinkling any powder on your pizza, you ARE changing your lifestyle. There are recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and support groups. You don’t count calories or points and when you’re hungry you eat a (healthy) snack. And no, it’s not only for those who want to lose a ton of weight. You can be skinny and unhealthy. It’s for those who want to be healthy and feel great.

I am an Arbonne consultant. Now, let me just say, that being a blogger I am approached quite often by these type of direct sales business to get on board. I have said no to all of them except this one. The business side of it is pretty awesome, but it really all comes down to the fact that the products are amazing and sell themselves. From skin care to healthy living, they truly are the best.

So there’s my little update! If you would like more info about the healthy eating challenge or healthy skin care products, I’d be happy to send you some info or even some sample products! Shoot me an e-mail at and we can connect!

5 Responses to Subtle Changes

  1. Ingrid March 1, 2016 at 7:03 pm #

    You look fantastic! I am glad you found a routine you love!

  2. Sharon Pooley March 13, 2016 at 6:10 am #

    I just found your blog and I am so excited to try the messy updo! There may be hope for me yet. I would like more info about the detox please. Since my hysterectomy my appetite has gotten out of control.
    I love your blog!
    Thank you so much!

    • Natalia May 23, 2016 at 10:11 am #

      So so sorry for the late response! I have been way behind on getting to comments!! I’ll send you an e-mail today!

  3. Maria Barberee July 21, 2016 at 5:22 am #

    Hey lady, I’m tall; 5’10 like you & well my weight fluctuates. I love what you did, your mom looks great. I’ve been a slacker from the gym, a month now. I’ve always wondered about Arbonne. Please send me info on the skin line & detox…I need to do that as well. Thank you, Maria Barberee

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