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Look & Feel Great for Date Night!

I don’t know what it is, but lately I’ve been busy. Like running-around-with-my-head-cut-off busy. Two young boys in sports and a million things pulling me a million directions, my life has gotten a little hectic.

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To be honest, I don’t prefer it. I prefer to be a little more chill, spend some quality time with family, maybe a movie day or something. But I also know this is a season in life right now and we will make it through!

This weekend is Valentine’s Day. We normally don’t celebrate this day because my husband is very anti-Valentine’s. He says “I love you every day of the year, why do I need to do something special on this day?” But this year, for whatever reason, something got into him. He has informed me that we will be going out on Friday night. When I started to get all mushy like, “Oh, babe, you’re so sweet! You’re finally doing something for me for Valentine’s Day!” He quickly informed me that it was not, in fact, a date for Valentine’s Day but just that we hadn’t gone out in a while and needed a date night. That happened to fall on Valentine’s Day weekend.

Whatever, I’ll take it.

I want to look nice. But I’m not gonna lie, Friday is a crazy day for me. I have to get to school early for something we’re doing for the teachers, drop my kids off, then get to school myself for a full day of subbing, then come home and deal with the boys’ after-school stuff, and then date night. A couple of things are going to happen and not happen. First of all, calmly getting everyone ready in the morning will not happen. A Starbucks run will happen.

A shower before date night will not happen. I’m just being realistic. Secret Clinical Strength® will happen at least twice. In the morning to be fresh during the day and then another pass before we head out for date night because a lot of stuff can happen between those two times, especially when you’re a mom of two young boys. Secret Clinical Strength® absorbs odor & releases a scent to keep me smelling clean & dry and it provides 4x stress sweat protection. FOUR TIMES. Because when you’re standing in front of 30 high schoolers for an hour and a half, you need sweat protection.


This is my dream outfit. Now, since I have no idea what we’re doing, this might be wildly inappropriate. But a girl can dream, right? Either way, it’s actually rather hot here in California and I will most likely be wearing a sleeveless top or dress with a sweater. Clinical Strength actually has Adapts & Responds Technology that can sense your sweat levels throughout the day and adapt the level of protection. Seriously? How cool is that? My deodorant knows to kick it up a notch in stressful times and chill out a bit when I don’t need it as much. That’s pretty cool.

Valentine's Day Look
 All in all, I’m pretty excited about my non-Valentine’s-day date with my non-romantic husband. I’m not giving him enough credit, he might not be romantic, but he’s actually pretty great. It’s been 8 & ½ years and I think I’ll keep him.

Check out Secret Clinical Strength for your Valentine’s Day weekend whether you’re having a night with the girls, a date with your man or a family night! Enjoy it while looking fly and smelling nice!

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