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Keep your Face Healthy During Winter

With winter in full swing here in Southern California — i.e. it’s a little windy and it *might* rain next week — my skin is feeling the effects! Specially my face. It’s dry and I’m finding even my regular moisturizing process isn’t enough. I’m very particular about how I treat my facial skin because someday I’m gonna either pay for it or reap the benefits. I’m really hoping for the latter!

I thought some of you might be struggling with some of the same things, so I thought I’d share some of my tips on how to keep your face healthy during the winter. If you have any of your own tips, I’d love to hear them! I’m always looking for better ways to take care of my skin!

Keep your Face Healthy During Winter

7 tips to keep your face healthy during winter

Eat Healthy

I know you’ve probably read like a million articles that say you need to drink more water. And it’s true that water is good for your skin. However, water should be in addition to an already healthy diet. When you are eating a mainly plant-based diet consisting of lots of dark, leafy greens, fruits and vegetables it nourishes your body from the inside out! If you need help crossing over to a good, healthy diet, check out the detox I did. It’s pretty amazing. It’s not a quick fix or lose 20 pounds in two weeks type of thing but a start to changing your lifestyle all together to help you be a healthy person all around. Worth a thought!


Because our skin is so dry, the dead skin cells just kinda hang out there on our faces. Trust me, my nose right now is not a pretty site! Exfoliate by using a scrub (you can make one like this easily), facial brush like Clarisonic, or even a Personal Microdermabrasion Device. The last two can be kinda pricey, but if you think about them versus paying for a facial once a month or so, the price definitely cuts down! I probably use my Clarisonic once a week and my PMD about once a month. Enough to keep my skin fresh but not to scrub it all off.

But not that much

Exfoliating is great and you want to get the dead skin off, but you don’t want to overdo it. It can cause your skin to become even more dried out and it’ll be hard to get the moisture back in. Try to stay away form using your facial brush every day and if you have a PMD, use it once every other week at the most. Try to find that right balance for your skin!


I feel like this is the perfect point to come after exfoliate. Once you’ve gotten rid of that dead skin, make sure that you slather the moisturizer on. Your skin is prepped and ready to soak it all in, give it want it wants! This is a step that shouldn’t be skipped at all, especially not during winter. Here are some ways I like to make sure that my face is getting the moisture it needs:

  • Oils – I know it sounds counter-intuative, but oils are so good for your skin. Check out this chart and choose an oil with a low comedogenic rating. The higher the rating, the more likely it will be to clog pores and cause break outs.
  • Essential oils – There are quite a few essential oils that are absolutely fabulous for your skin. They help slow the process of aging and lock in the benefits of the oils. Check out my homemade face lotion for sensitive skin here, and another homemade face lotion for oily skin here. Hint: just because your skin is oily by nature, absolutely does not mean to limit the moisturizer! In fact, it could be quite the opposite – your skin may be producing oil because it doesn’t have enough moisture.
  • Serums – Serums are a great way to get moisture back into your skin. In fact, layering serums can help combat the harshness of winter, reduce signs of aging, and give you that dewy, Jennifer Lopez look. Who can say they don’t want that?? You can make your own serum easily by getting a glass bottle and mixing up some oils & essential oils. I’m working on a recipe I’ll share soon!


Winter takes the moisture out of the air so we have to fight to put it back. Having humidifiers around the house and especially in rooms at night while we sleep is a great way to help keep moisture in your skin. I also like to diffuse essential oils to have the house smelling nice as well!

There you have it! That is how I do my best to keep my face healthy during winter. This is our first winter in California in 6 years and my skin is definitely feeling the effects of it! It just means I need to work extra hard to keep my skin healthy, which I’m cool with. I’m working on a post that will go over my natural skin care routine which I absolutely love. I’ll keep you posted!

Share in the comments how you keep your skin healthy in the winter!

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