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Tips on How to Get Ready Quickly

So, something that I haven’t always been good at but am understanding the importance of lately is getting ready quickly. For some reasons it’s like all or nothing with me. Either I’m wearing makeup and I’m committed and do my whole face or nothing happens at all, which isn’t always pretty. With young kids and a lot to do I have needed to get ready quickly most days out of the week. So I thought I would share some tips with you guys and hopefully you can share some with me in the comments!

How to get ready quickly

get ready quickly

Develop a routine

Whether it’s having to do with makeup, hair, fashion – whatever! Develop a routine that works for you and helps you get ready quickly. For example, having a 5 minute makeup routine is a great way to cut back on time. If that means most days you wear a little foundation, one color shadow, mascara & eye liner you’re done in less than 10!

Same thing goes with your hair. Although it’s fun to be creative with hair and makeup, most days call for just a basic style. You can still be creative within this by adding a quick braid or twist, but get a few styles down pat and then switch them up every once in a while so you look extra creative!

Plan Outfits Ahead of Time

If you have done Stitch Fix before you’ve probably seen their little cards that come with the clothes. They put pieces together so that you can see what an outfit would look like. Or you could even try something like the 7×7 remix where you pick 7 pieces of clothing and wear it 7 different ways. This way when you get up in the morning, you don’t have to stare at your closet for 20 minutes thinking “I have nothing to wear!!” Plan your outfits in advance and you’ll be all set.

Don’t second guess yourself

This plays off of the last one for sure – don’t second guess yourself! When you throw on that outfit that you planned in advance, don’t stand in front of the mirror and think “oh maybe it doesn’t work like I thought.” Instead, even if the thought pops into your mind, just go with it. There has to be a reason you chose the outfit ahead of time! I know that I have waisted many a minute trying on outfits and then staring at myself in the mirror thinking “does it really work?” and then changing again. Decide, put it on, give yourself an approving nod in the mirror and walk out the door. BOOM.

Spray it on

Vaseline spray on lotion

If you’re one to put on lotion when you get out of the shower or before you start your day, you can know that sometimes it takes a while. You have to first apply the lotion, then wait for it to dry and then get dressed. For this very reason, I have been quite neglectful in applying my daily lotion for a while! It’s unfortunate because it’s not too healthy. Just like the skin on our face, our skin on our bodies needs to be moisturized.

Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Spray Moisturizer

Vaseline sent me their newest product The new Vaseline Intensive Care Advanced Repair Spray Moisturizer. It’s awesome. This is a sponsored post, so you might think I’m being paid to tell you how awesome it is. But I’m not. I love this stuff. My kids love this stuff. It’s the most practical, awesome solution to my not-applying-lotion problem.

It’s a continuous spray so it goes on smoothly, it has 2 times the moisturizing power as their other spray lotion, is unscented and dermatologist tested and approved for sensitive skin — which I can personally attest to because my son’s skin is very sensitive and he loves this stuff!

Probably one of the best things about it for me is that it goes on easily and absorbs quickly. This is a must as we transition to cooler weather. Our skin still needs hydration but we don’t want to have to sit there to let our lotion dry before we pile on the layers! Instead, you spray it on, rub it in and you can throw on your clothes – it’s that fast.

Oh and if you want to score big points with your kids you gotta do this:

mom of the year

Yes, I spent a lot of the evening before bed creating silly faces on their tummies and backs and even gave them a mustache & beard at one point. This lotion really does it all! 🙂

This post is in partership with Vaseline.

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