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Summer Dress into Fall

We are finally — FINALLY — experiencing some fall weather. And by fall weather I mean, mid-70’s. But seriously, after a week of triple digits, I will take it! With fall comes what everyone else is talking about months before us – cute fall clothes! I thought it would be fun to show you how I took a cute, bright summer dress and made it work for fall.

How to wear your summer dress into fall

summer dress to fall final

This dress is from Stitch Fix. My stylist nailed it this time around with this dress. I absolutely love it. It’s not too fitted and it’s very comfortable and not to mention all the colors – they’re beautiful! At first glance, this dress looks like it would really be only for summer. I mean, the colors are bright and it’s short & sleeveless. It’s nice and cool and breezy.

Summer dress from Stitch Fix

It looks a little shorter here because my lovely husband does our laundry most of the time which – before you ooh and awe over how great that is – let me say that he doesn’t pay close attention to how to wash things. Ya, I’ve decided to wash my own things from now on. He can still do the boys & himself, I wouldn’t want to deprive him of that!

So to take this beautiful Stitch Fix dress into fall and be able to wear it really all year round I did a few things. First of all — tights. They keep you warm, you can find them in all kinds of cute colors and materials & they really expand your wardrobe considering you can wear your dresses longer! I actually own purple, bright blue, maroon, and a dark pink so it was a little tough to choose! But I went with the purple because it was more fall-ish and it pulled in the purple from the Maxi prom dress.

summer dress in fall

Another way you can update your summer dress would be of course with boots. I chose tall riding boots, but you could also wear booties, combat boots or any other boot option. It really brings the look into fall and keeps the dress comfortable and casual.

Then you’ve got to throw on a sweater. Mine here is a really lightweight cardigan that I’ve had for years because, well, California fall.

summer dress in fall

Here are a few other ways you can bring your summer dress into fall:

  • Scarves – Scarves are practical and so cute! Isn’t it fun when those two worlds collide? If you have a fun print dress like I’m wearing, try a solid scarf. And vice-versa of course!
  • Belts – With a print dress like this one, it’d be fun to put a thick, solid brown belt over it. It breaks up the print, brings in a fall color and gives you more structure too.
  • Layers – A chunky cardigan or grampa sweater are great ways to bring a summer dress into fall but you can also layer in different ways. Try a chambray underneath or even layered over and tied in the front. Layers keep you warm and are fun to get creative with!
  • Makeup – I know this has nothing to do with the dress, but with a darker, fall lip color you immediately look more fall-ish. So maybe put away the pinks for a bit and try some deeper wine colors. Have fun with it!

There you go – all my tips for taking a summer dress into fall! Don’t put all those summer clothes away yet, instead try to get creative with them! Create looks that you might not have otherwise done and try to think outside of the box.

If you haven’t tried out Stitch Fix, you’ve got to. It’s my favorite subscription box! It’s so fun to get the clothes from a stylist hand picked for you. You can get the box whenever you want, there are no contracts, and you only keep what you love! This is not a sponsored post, I just happen to adore them!

Share your summer to fall styling tips in the comments, I love to hear them!

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