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Four (almost 5 – eek!) years ago I started this blog. I was wearing sweats, didn’t wear makeup and most certainly didn’t touch my hair. It wasn’t pretty. It was 5 years into our marriage and that was way too soon to let myself go. Actually, come to think about it, there’s never a good time to let yourself go, this just happened to be my turning point.

Flash forward 4 1/2 years and I’m a different person! I very rarely stay in my sweats all day, wear makeup — even if it’s just a little bit — most days and take more care with my hair. I have never felt better! I feel so great I knew I needed to write a post about it. Hopefully I’ll inspire you guys a bit in the process!

So today I want to share some tips on how to feel amazing. Seems kinda silly, but since I’ve made some changes in my life, I’m feeling better than ever before, so I am sure that some of them will work for you too! Let’s do this!

5 Tips to Feel GREAT every day!

tips to feel great every day

1.) Eat Well

I cannot, cannot, cannot stress this enough! Think about it – when we are putting foods that have little to no nutritional value yet a lot of calories into our body, how do we expect to be fueled by them? Instead, try replaces candy with fruit, sandwiches and big delicious salads with lots of fresh veggies. Even the smallest changes like that can help you start feeling great and give you more energy. In my personal opinion, God made food to nourish our bodies so we can thrive. We’ve changed it so much that it no longer nourishes us, it just fills our tummies, so therefore we don’t feel amazing.

eat healthy foods

Here are a few tips to start eating better:

  • Don’t have junk in the house. If it’s not there, it makes it a lot harder to eat! It’s a rule that I don’t buy candy, sodas, or even unhealthy chips for the house. Those things can be had on rare special occasions like birthday parties & get together with friends. This goes for my kids too!
  • Stock up! Fill your house with fresh fruits and veggies and eat them freely! When you are eating nutrient-rich, whole foods, there is no need for counting calories.
  • Start each meal with a big salad. Even if you are going to eat more of a dinner, fill a plate with salad first. That will mostly fill up your tummy with the good stuff and you won’t want to eat as much of the other. Just make sure you’re not topping the salad with an unhealthy dressing! Try a yummy flavored vinegar or make your own at home!
  • Eat fruit for dessert. Yep that’s right – throw out the candy & brownies. Remember the first tip? Don’t keep it in the house! This way you won’t be tempted to eat it. Instead have your dessert be some fresh or frozen fruit. It’s good for you and sweet!

If you’re looking for some more information on eating healthy, you have got to check out this book: Eat to Live by Dr. Furhman. It’s so good and will change the way you think about food. It also has a lot of interesting recipes!

There is no diet that will do what eating healthy does!

2.) Exercise

fitness with jcp

I’m not gonna lie here and say that I have always been an active person. When I was living in France we didn’t have a membership to a gym. I probably could have gotten one if I really wanted to, but I didn’t think I’d use it, so I didn’t want to waste the money. I was still relatively thin because we eat at home mostly and I don’t buy sweets, but I wasn’t fit.

It was actually in August when one morning my dad made me cry for not being active and fit. I was just having one of those mornings and he felt really bad about it, but it got me motivated! (Not the first time my dad has motivated me through making me cry! lol!) So now we go to the gym 3 times a week, run and lift weights. And I LOVE IT. I feel amazing, fit and strong, it’s awesome.

Our bodies need movement! Here are some tips to make exercise a natural part of your life.

  • Find something you love to do. I happen to love lifting weights. I feel strong and fit. My mom has recently started Pickleball and loves it. She combines that with a trainer at the gym and walking with her friend and she’s lost 10 pounds! If you love it, it won’t be a chore and you’ll do it more often!
  • Find a partner. My dad is my workout partner. We go 3 times a week together and when one of us can’t go, they make sure the other one goes anyway. I know I won’t hear the end of it if I don’t go on a day he had to miss. It keeps us both motivated & consistent!
  • Don’t set goals. I know this sounds silly, but hear me out. Fitness should be something that is just part of your life. What you don’t want it to be is something you do just to get 10 pounds off. Because then what happens when those 10 pounds are off? You don’t work out anymore? Well, then those 10 pounds will probably creep back on. Also, fitness is for so much more than just for weight-loss. Your body needs it to stay healthy!

3.) Pamper yourself

This one is kinda fun, let’s be real. We work hard, don’t we? Ya, we do. We deserve a little pampering now and then. One of my favorite things to do is sit in bed after my kids are asleep, watch Netflix and paint my nails. I subscribe to a Julep Maven box (my favorite one!) and I love their nail polishes. I get to relax, my nails are painted, and it’s a little time for me!
Take the Brave Pretty Challenge.

It doesn’t have to be an hour massage at some expensive salon to do something nice for yourself. Although it definitely could be, that sounds lovely! But if that isn’t in the budget or time allotment, try for something more practical. Pick up a mini-facial kit at Target, or a new nail polish color and take time to do whatever you want. Be ‘lazy’ for a minute – you’ve earned it!

4.) Surround yourself with good people

Gosh, this one is important isn’t it? Who has been around people that just bring them down. Negative Nelly really cramping your style? Try to keep your distance. I wouldn’t go as far to say that you should completely cut that person out because maybe they need a little love in their lives. But make sure you keep enough distance so that you’re not brought down as well.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – SLEEP is IMPORTANT!! You should be getting anywhere from 7 – 9 hours a night. I lean more towards the 9 hours because this mama doesn’t function without her rest. It might sound cool to say that you run on coffee and having 4 cups a day is normal and okay, but really it’s not. Your body needs that time of rest to recuperate and rejuvenate to be able to properly function the next day. It also helps slow signs of aging. And you know, this post is about how to feel amazing, when your body gets a fully nights rest, combined with exercise and healthy eating – there’s not stopping you!

I don’t think we completely understand what our bodies are capable of doing and how great we’re capable of feeling. If you have low energy, are tired, achy joints, and other symptoms, try implementing some of these tips – if not all of them! I would also highly suggest doing the Arbonne detox. It’s amazing all around and I’ve seen such amazing results in myself but also those around me. It’s an excellent way to kick start a healthy lifestyle change. Write me if you’d like more info!

I hope you’re inspired today! Get out there and be active and make some positive changes for yourself today! Remember – how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time! Baby steps!

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