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How to do French & Dutch Braids

Hey everyone! I’m back with another back to basics hair tutorial! This time I am going to go over how to do a Dutch braid and a French braid. They are very similar so I didn’t want to break them up into different posts. I made a video and I feel like you can really see my fingers and how I hold my hair when I braid. I hope that it’s helpful! I didn’t speed anything up so that you can really see what it looks like.

How to do a Dutch Braid

how to do a dutch braid

By the way, I must say, I took these pictures, as well as last weeks, with my extensions from Irresistible Me in Royal Remi Ginger (you can get 10% off with the code IrresistibleNatalia). My hair is long enough to do these braids on their own, but I wanted it to be dramatic for the pictures so you could really see the braids. The videos, however, are done without the extensions. So before you’re all “oh my gosh, Natalia, you’re hair is so thick and long!” Well, it’s thick for sure & getting longer, but nothing like it is with these babies in! (I love them.)

I have a video below that shows (what I think at least) a close up look how to do a Dutch braid and a French braid. Like I mentioned, I tried to go slow and really explain how I hold my hair as I go and how I add hair in. I feel like I explained it well, but let me know if I missed something!

Another thing to keep in mind – this is how I braid my hair. This is how I hold my hands. But if you start braiding and it’s more natural to hold the hair another way, then do that! Do what is comfortable for you. And the biggest thing you can do to get better at braiding would be to practice!! Practice makes perfect as with everything in life, so start braiding!

how to do a dutch braid

Hope you liked this back to basics, I think next week I’ll do how to use bobby pins but please leave other suggestions in the comments! Stay tuned!

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