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You guys, I love writing this blog, I really do. I feel so incredibly blessed that I’ve found a ‘job’ (I have a hard time calling it that!) that I love that allows me to work from home. It’s amazing.

And it is not lost on me that without all of you — all of you fabulous people who come here to read — without you, this blog would be no more than a simple outlet for me.

Because this blog runs off of you guys and your clicks & shares & comments (thank you!!) I want to make you happy too! It’s a tricky medium, I want to write about things that I love and am passionate about, but I really want to make sure those things are lining up with what you guys love and are passionate about as well.

So without further adieu, I would absolutely freaking love it if you took a couple minutes to take this survey. It’s multiple choice and super easy to answer, promise!

You guys are amazing, I cannot thank you enough!! Thank you for being on this journey with me, I adore having you along for the ride!

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