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LBD for Summer

Last week my mom and I took advantage of the boys being in school and made our way down to Downtown LA to play tourists in our own city.

See, after living in France for so many years and having all these amazing countries and cultures at my fingertips, it’s a little sad to be back in the States. And in California no less, where we are so far from everything. We could fly 5 hours east or west and still be in America. Talk about removed!

But then it hit me that hey, we live right next to one of the coolest cities in the world! Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, those are all in my backyard! So why not take a day every once in a while to explore them?

I’m going to start a series, hopefully starting this week, called Day Trippin’. I’m gonna do day trips around the area that I think might be interesting. The point is to hopefully inspire people to get out and explore the cities that they’re in. No need to buy a plane ticket (although that’s a fabulous option!), just get in the car and find some fun things to do.

Today’s post is the outfit I wore on our day trip. I will share more about the trip itself later this week.

LBD & Sweater

Dress: old – here are options // Sweater: Stitch Fix // Bag: Stitch Fix // Necklace: Similar here for only $7.98!! // Sandals: Famous Footwear

I’m obsessed with this dress. It’s loose fitting, and so comfortable. It’s a tad bit short but I wear these little Jockey spandex shorts called Skimmies under them so I don’t have to worry about flashing the world. They are a life saver! I wear them with any skirt or dress where I’m worried about… exposing myself if you know what I mean.

The dress just kinda hangs there. It’s so comfy and when it’s hot out (and it’s been super hot) and I don’t feel like wearing shorts, this dress has been my go-to. I probably wear it more than I should, but heck, it’s comfy & cute. #winning

little black dress

I’m not pregnant, by the way, just learning (or failing) to hold my stomach in after two babies. Some reason it’s not something that’s easy to remember even though my youngest is 5 years old.

The sweater came in my most recent Stitch Fix box. I love it. It’s comfy & cozy & perfect for California weather. Our winters don’t get that cold, so it’s kinda nice to be able to add a sweater without actually wearing a sweater and becoming waaaaay to hot! Stitch Fix for the win. Again.

sleeveless sweater and lbd

This was the perfect outfit for our day in LA. It was oddly humid, which I hate, but I didn’t get too hot because I was dressed for the weather this little black dress!

If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix yet, you’ve got to. They’re the best. You get a personal stylist without actually paying the price of a personal stylist! I have been hooked from day one and still love it. Monthly I can’t wait for my new box! And you know what, I’m never that specific with what I want and they still do a good job.

If you want to know more about Stitch Fix, you can check out my post about them here. Or even how to make the most of your Stitch Fix box here.

I’ll be back later this week with the rest of our trip to Downtown LA and our experience riding the rail! Have a great day!

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