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Why BOTH Comfort & Style are Important to Me

I’m a mom. A lot of you ladies that read are moms. We love our babies. We love our families. We do our best for everyone around us and often we forget about ourselves. Even if you’re not a mom, I’m sure you’re mothering in more ways than you know. We just do that sometimes.

That’s the whole reason I started this blog. I had forgotten about myself. I had my two boys & my husband and I didn’t have anything for me. I needed to get that back!

But I had to think it through. I wasn’t going to just turn into some stylista lady wearing stilettos to my sons’ basketball practices, now was I? Nope. So I needed to find a style that worked for me. And that’s just what I’ve spent the last couple years doing, finding my groove. And it’s a mix of comfort & style.

Comfort because let’s be real, boys are crazy. Heck, kids are crazy! And us moms, we need to be able to keep up. If something is too tight around my shoulders or too short, I’m not gonna wear it because it won’t work with my everyday life.

Now on the flip side, I’m not in yoga pants all day. Believe me, I see the appeal, but what I’ve discovered is that when I feel put together, I feel really good about myself and I get more done throughout the day! Turns out those teachers in middle school had a point when they were enforcing dress code!

So finding the middle of it all, that’s been my journey. And you know what? It’s fun! It’s fun to find things that really work for me and I feel great in.

I got some items from Hanes a while back and have had such fun styling them and wearing them. As you probably know, Hanes is like the ultimate comfort product. I mean, Hello Michael Jordan! He actually has nothing to do with comfort, just the best basketball player to ever live. sooo… #basketballwife

Moving on…. So I took some of the pieces I got and styled them three ways. Starting with super casual and up to fancy. Yes, you can dress Hanes up for a night out. How fun is that?! Comfort of a night at home all the while you’re out on the town!

Hanes Style: Comfort

hanes style - complete comfort

Believe it or not, I am wearing 2 Classic Men’s Tanks and Hanes Cotton Leggings which are capri, but I just added boots and threw on a kimono I had to complete the look. Simple? Yes. Comfortable? Yes, ma’am. Upgrade from yoga pants? Absolutely.

See how very easy it is to make very simple changes and you’re already looking more put-together! I also love the look of brown boots with black or even a white classic tank and a patterned kimono would be totally cute! Oh the options, ladies!

comfort Hanes style

Hanes Style: Semi casual

Hanes style: sweater casual

These boyfriend jeans are from heaven. I love them. They’re a perfect piece for transitional wear too. I usually wear them with sandals when it’s hot but as fall rolls around we have to update our wardrobes! I added some booties and a Hanes fleece crew sweatshirt. This baby is so comfy and soft, it’s perfection. You really can’t go wrong with 50% cotton and 50% poly fleece. It’s tag-free, so no tags scratching your back and it comes in a ton of colors.

A sweatshirt like this Hanes one is perfect for fall. I’m in California so it’s still rather warm (and will be for a while!) but I’ve been able to have this sweatshirt on hand for the cooler summer nights, mostly when we were camping. I think the best part about it is that it’s so comfortable and yet you can wear it as an everyday item. It’d be cute with a shirt hanging out under it, with skinny jeans or even tied around your waist!

Hanes comfort sweatshirt style

Hanes Styles: Dressed up

hanes style dressed up

So I actually adore dressing up. Because I am super casual most of the time, I take my dress-up days seriously! But for those of you who just don’t enjoy it, No worries. There are ways to get away with it without going too hard!

I took my bright Hanes Scoop Neck T-shirt and paired it with my polka dot skirt and some heels and I immediately had a night-out outfit! The shirt is ultra-soft and feels great against your skin, hello, it’s 100% cotton & tag-free, and the skirt is nice and flowy so you don’t feel super constricted. I think it’s a win! Even for those who enjoy getting dressed up!

hanes style dressed up

There you have it! From ultra-casual to fancified, you got a Hanes style lookbook!

I want to challenge you to see items in a new light. Like wearing a men’s comfort tank under a kimono or the Hanes tee with a skirt, it really blends comfort and style in the best way.

So tell me, what are some ways you blend comfort and style? Do you like to make sure you are comfortable all the while feeling super great and stylish? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks too! Leave them in the comments!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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