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Elevate your Next Dinner Party

I love entertaining. I don’t love the clean up, but I love having people over and just having a good time. When I was growing up my house was always the house everyone hung out at. I remember my friends and my brother’s friends just waltzing through the door when they came over after just a little knock, like they lived here. I want to have the same kind of house for my kids.

So I try to entertain when I can. I am learning my entertaining style as I go too. Like as much as I love everything to be perfect, it won’t be. Something will happen and that’s okay. Like the one time I hosted my very first Thanksgiving by myself in France and the juices of the turkey spilled all over the place including some of the guests’ purses. Yep, that happened.

I guess I was just welcoming the Frenchies to our American culture! I apologize in advance to all Americans who are a little more put together than me.

I have learned a few things over the last couple years and I thought I would share them with you! Hopefully they will help you elevate your next dinner party or at least give you a few more ideas to make it fun! The first tip is to not ruin your guests’ purses with turkey broth… but, moving on.

6 Tips for Hosting the Perfect End-of-Summer Party

host a summer party

Be relaxed

I know, I know, but you want it to all be so perfect! You want to WOW your guests and have them leave with their jaws at the floor. I getcha. I often feel the same way. But I think the best way to throw a party and have it be amazing is to relax and let it flow. When the hostess is uptight about having the party be perfect, the guests can feel it and will be uptight too. You want your guests to enjoy themselves. Just chill and they will!

Pay attention to detail

IZZE summer party

Have you heard the phrase “it’s all in the details!”? Its’s so true! It’s so fun to add little paper goods or fun straws within the color theme to make it all come together. We had a backyard get together with some of the new IZZE flavors and we matched the straws, napkins, plates, and flowers to the colors of the drinks to bring it all together! They have some new flavors — Blackberry Pear, Mandarin Lime and Raspberry Watermelon — and the bottles are so cute! You’re adding to the details by just adding some IZZE!

it's all in the details

Can you see the “ahhhhh” on the flag on the straw? So cute! Thanks Pomegranate Paper Co.!

Plan Ahead

I would like to say I nail this one every time, but let’s be real… I don’t. I often wait and then freak out two days before like “I want the perfect party!! Why does this always happen to me?!” Well, darling, it happens to you because you wait till the last second all the time. For the infamous Thanksgiving of 2014 (when I spilled the brine/broth everywhere) I actually did plan ahead. And it was magnificent. I was able to cook in advance, prepare everything I wanted to, clean the house, set it all up and enjoy the guests when they arrived. It’s crazy how well planning ahead works!

Start Early

Now I know this seems self -explanatory after the last point, but oddly enough (I’m sensing a theme here) I will plan things (in my head mostly) and then not start them until too late. Then once again I’m scrambling around trying to get things done! The best way I’ve found to do it is to make a to-do checklist and then set days where things need to be done by. Then start a little beforehand and start checking things off the list!

Healthy Options

two Tier wedding veil

It may seem fun to host or go to a party and just gorge yourself on junk at that moment, but then later when your tummy is aching and your head hurts you always rethink why it was so important to eat 3 donuts and chug a soda. (NOT speaking from personal experience… maybe) Instead, make it a fun, healthy party! There are ways to make health food taste great!


I recently stumbled upon IZZE Sparkling Water. It’s USDA certified organic and is triple-filtered from mountain spring water which eliminates any impurities for the cleanest, freshest sparkling taste. Now honestly, I don’t like sparkling water too much. But IZZE adds organic fruit flavors for taste and pure organic cane sugar for a little sweetness. Now that is sparkling water I can do!

angel cut waterfall wedding veil

Have Fun!

drinking an izze

Last, but most certainly not least, have some fun! Enjoy yourself, be silly, enjoy your guests, let loose (but not too loose! No one wants a memory of Aunt Mary trying to bring all the boys to the yard!) and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

enjoy yourself at your party!

You can find all the IZZE products here and grab a few for your ‘end-of-summer’ party! Back to school, girls night in, or even a birthday party!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Rosie August 19, 2015 at 9:10 am #

    Thanks so much for these tips, I can’t wait to try them out at my next dinner party!

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