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How to Wear a Turban Headband

You know those weeks days when you’re hair is dirty and you just don’t want to throw it in a ponytail again? You don’t have time to braid and you’re out of ideas.

I’ve gotcha covered.

Turban headbands to the rescue! They’re cute √ They’re easy √ They’re practical √ Yes please!

So without further adieu, I am going to share with you 4 ways to wear a turban headband!

how to wear turban headbands

You might have seen one of my sponsors over on the sidebar called Stylish Mode. She sells these beautiful handmade headbands and these are the ones I’m using in this post. The material is so soft and comfortable, I love it! She has a lot of different options & fabrics, so head over and take a peek! I think I want this one next.

How to wear a Turban Headband: Hippie Style

how to wear a turban headband hippie style

I know, I’m a total dork. But this look is just too fun not to! Just slip the turban headband right over the top of your hair and you are done. You can hide dirty or messy hair and still look cute. I am all about it!

How to Wear a Turban Headband: Top Knot

turban headband with top knot

Once again, turban to the rescue for messy, dirty hair! Just throw it all up into a cute messy bun or top knot and place the turban on top and you’re good to go! I love that it gets your hair out of your face and off your neck. The hot summer days demand a hairstyle like this one.

How to Wear a Turban Headband: 50’s Style

how to wear a turban 50's style

50’s housewife coming right up! Except no, I’m no 50’s housewife. I wish I could nail that role, but alas, the daily failures remind me that for some people (me) domestic bliss will always elude them!

But I can pretend, right? The hairstyle is cute and makes me look the part. That is probably as close and I’m gonna get!

How to Wear a Turban Headband: Long Hair Don’t Care

how to wear a turban headband long hair

Anyway I can get my hair out of my face and wear it down is always fun. Mainly when it’s not supa hot like the back of my neck will be drenched. But when it cools down a bit, this style is awesome. I can wear all my hair down, the headband keeps my bangs out of my face all the while still having them show, plus the super cute headband.

I know this isn’t a turban headband, but you can make it one by wrapping and twisting it. I didn’t show you that, because I just showed you three other ways to wear a turban headband like that and I thought I’d mix it up for ya. I just aim to please, ya know?

So if you want to see how all these styles are done, check out the video I made to go with this post! You can subscribe to my YouTube channel and yes I do share things there that I don’t always post over here, so yes you have good reason to go subscribe and not miss a beat!

Tell me what you think! Do you already rock turbans or is this a style you’d like to try? Leave it in the comments!

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