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Day to Night Makeup Look

​Social media is a fun thing, isn’t it? It’s such a cool thing that such a big world can be so connected. Yes, there can be negative sides of the whole thing, but I choose to see the good in it. I am in contact with friends I knew from ages ago, I live in another country and am able to stay in touch with my family, and I get to use it all for work! It’s definitely got more good points than bad.

It’s actually great to have social media in blogging. For me, I like it because I get to connect with so many awesome people. Readers, other bloggers, family, friends — it’s so fun! Now there’s a new site on the scene, DripThat. I have never been one of the firsts to try anything. I was late to some other social media platforms, but with DripThat I’m in on it at the beginning and I’m finding it to be a great way to share quick ideas on my beauty tips!

Here’s what I love about DripThat. You can share series of posts over a period of time. For example, I shared this day to night makeup look over on DripThat. I started with the products I used and had a series of 7 photos. I set it to send out the photos — drip them if you will — over a period of 35 minutes. Then people that follow me on the app can see the makeup tutorial unfold! You can do this with videos as well.

This is the before and after day to night makeup look and there are basically four simple steps to follow. Head over to download DripThat and follow me at MaNouvelleMode to see the full tutorial!

This tutorial that I shared is public so anyone on DripThat can see it; however, you can create Drips that are private and share them with whoever you want to share them with. I like this, because as much as I share on the blog, I try not to over share, and it would be nice to be able to direct posts to particular people.

DripThat is also on Facebook and Twitter so you can always check them out over there. Download the app, chat with users, get your friends on board and have fun with it!

This information is on behalf of dripthat.


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