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Jord Wooden Watches

Back in December our house was broken into. It was such a bummer and some expensive things and some random things were taken. Like some of my makeup. I mean, who steals makeup palettes? That’s pretty gross if you ask me. But then again if you have the audacity to break into someone’s house, you might not care about sharing makeup with them. Anyway, some of my jewelry was takenĀ as well.

Jord Wooden Watch

I had been sent a beautiful wooden watch from Jord. If you haven’t heard of them, you should check them out. Jord had reached out to me to see if I liked the watch and if I wanted to post about it. I hesitated getting back to them all the while searching all over my house to find that watch. I couldn’t have lost it! In fact, it turns out, it was kept where my other jewelry had been and alas had been stolen as well. I had to break it to the company thinking they wouldn’t want to work with me and definitely be annoyed this happened.

Wooden Watches

Quite the contrary! The people at Jord, more specifically Paul who I have been speaking with, were amazing. Not only was he very apologetic and understanding of our crummy situation (even though it happened a while back), he offered to send out another watch! I couldn’t believe it, what a way to go above and behind for a client!

Jord Wood Watches

So I am more than happy to share with you today these amazing wooden watches. Aren’t they beautiful? I have the Ely in Maple but it also comes in ‘black’ (a darker wood) that is really beautiful. My husband loves watches and had a pretty awesome collection before all those were stolen as well. I think this one, the 746, would be an amazing way to start back up his collection!

Wooden Watches

So seriously head over to their site and check out their awesome wooden watches! Companies like this deserve a whole lot of love!

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  1. Courtney S May 20, 2015 at 10:29 am #

    I’ve never heard of them before – but, their watches are BEAUTIFUL!!! Do you have to be careful if it rains or anything? This might be a bday present to myself!!

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