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Make the most of your Makeup Palettes!

We all love a good makeup palette. They are versatile and oh so fun to play with! But how many of you have bought a beautiful palette only to use the same couple colors over and over again? Who knows what to do with that blue? Or where the heck am I gonna put all that shimmer? I feel ya, I’ve been in the same trap. So today let’s chat about how to make the most out of your makeup palette. I’m also gonna share some of my favorites with you!

Make the most of your Makeup Palettes!

how to make the most out of your makeup palette

Pinks, blues, browns — oh my!! What to do with all these colors? Here are some of my best tips.

  • Mix and Match

You don’t have to go with the same look every time. Most of us have an everyday routine which is great. It helps us get out the door quickly and still with makeup on. But it’s okay to leave the routine when you have a little extra time. Try mixing palettes or colors. Sometimes if you blend two of your favorites, you will find the perfect color! Give it a try and see how many more looks you can create with the same palette!

  • Be creative

It’s tough to stray from the browns, isn’t it? In fact, it’s tough to stray from what we know looks good. But, start simple, and branch out from there with some new colors in new spots. Just keep in mind to keep the inside of your eye mostly light and the outer corners can be dark. Other than that — have fun!

  • Think outside of the box

The blush color doesn’t just have to go on the cheeks. You don’t have to only use bronzer for contouring. The same goes for that pretty pink eye shadow – throw that baby on your cheeks or with chapstick on your lips and you’ve got a completely different use! This can make even the simplest of palettes have endless options!

  • Highlight

The light color that you usually use for the inside of your eyes? You can also use that for under your eyes and your forehead for a little bit of highlighting. I would suggest making sure that it doesn’t have shimmer. But you could use some shimmer shadow for a little shimmer on the cheeks, or even that light cream color for some face powder. The options are endless!

Same goes for contouring! Use your favorite light brown under your cheek bones for a contoured look. You can also use a golden blush for a bronzer. Even cream shadows or lip glosses can have other uses. Put that pretty pink lip gloss on your cheeks as a cream blush or that brown cream shadow under your cheek bones and down your nose for contouring!

  • Layer

Start with a lighter color underneath and build with different colors to have a completely different look! This is also the perfect way to do a smokey eye. Start with the lighter, basic colors and work your way up to the smokey by building the darker colors on the outer corners of your eyes. You can also build different colors to create different looks!

  • Find different uses

You know that bright blue that came with the palette that was otherwise perfect? I know, me too. Try using it as a thin eye liner on top of your regular liner. It will highlight the eyes without being straight out of the 80’s. This is a great option for those funkier colors you don’t want to use too much of. Most shadows you can also add a little water to them to create that liner or to go on creamer. Definitely opens up options by finding different uses for products!

Now, what made me think to write this post is because makeup palettes are expensive. They can be upwards of $50! The thing is, makeup in general is expensive and if you find a good palette you love that you know you can make the most out of, the $50 is so worth it!

Here are some of my favorite palettes:

makeup the most out of your makeup palette - the best makeup palettes

  1. Naked On the Run Palette* – $54
  2. Stila Eyes are the Window Palette* – $49 (I had this one but it was stolen!)
  3. Smashbox Full Exposure Palette* – $52
  4. The Nudes Palette by Maybelline – $9.99
  5. Two Face No Makeup Makeup Palette – $39
  6. Naked 2 Palette* – $54 (But seriously, the original* and Naked 3* are also worth buying. Just choose the one with the colors you like/use the most!)
  7. Lorac Pro Palette – $42
  8. Sonia Kashuk Eye Couture Neutral Shimmer – $18.99
  9. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick – $44

The ones with an *asterisk* next to them are palettes that I have now or have had. I try to recommend things that I have used and love, but I can’t try everything! So instead I recommend the ones I have used with ones that come highly recommended.

I hope this helps you when buying a makeup palette! They really are so versatile, not to mention great for travel. You just throw one in your makeup bag and you should be good to go for the whole trip and be able to wear different looks the whole time!

If you have any questions or your own tips for making the most of your makeup palettes, leave it in the comments! I always get back to you guys because I love hearing from you. And more often than not, the comments are super helpful for me and other readers!

Have a great day!

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  1. Jordan @ Beauty and Babies March 7, 2015 at 4:49 pm #

    These are great! I love palettes 🙂

    • Natalia March 10, 2015 at 3:48 am #

      Aren’t they so fun!!

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