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Rainy Day Hairstyles

So we live on the west coast on France. It’s gorgeous here and it’s one of the my most favorite places we’ve lived. However, as with every town on this earth, there is a downfall as well. It rains. I’m from so Cal and used to very dry weather where we could use some more rain! Here, notsomuch. Last winter into spring it rained practically NONSTOP.

So with the first sign of rain this year I knew I had to come up with some hairstyles that would be perfect for the rain! Mainly up and off your neck, braided or tucked away. You really don’t want your hair blowing in the wind at this point because I hate to break it to ya – it won’t look like it does in the movies. Where’s our makeup/hair crew when we need ’em?! Until they show up, here’s a few simple solutions!

4 Rainy Day Hairstyles

rainy day hairstyles

Rainy day hairstyles are really totally simple. And really you can wear these styles any time, obviously, the hairstyle police aren’t gonna come find you if you’re wearing one on a sunny day! They’re just a few simple ideas to contain your hair on a rainy day. And because I like being legit with you guys, these pictures and the video below are done on a day when my hair was a HOT MESS from the rain. Just watch the video, you’ll see what I mean…

Messy Bun with a Headband

rainy day hairstyles: messy bun with headband

A few weeks ago I showed you a few ways to wear your hair or wigs with these beautiful crocheted headbands from Paige in a Blanket. They’re perfect for rainy days too. It adds a little fanciness to an otherwise pretty boring hairstyle! In the video, I show you all the styles, but I also have a tutorial for a messy bun here and one for short hair here.

Twisted Bun

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I actually really like this one! It’s beyond simple and it gives you options so you can move away from the ponytail or messy bun. It’s basically a topsy-turvy ponytail but without pulling the hair all the way through. You’ve got a pretty bun on top and some twisty action going on underneath!

Big Side Braid

rainy day hairstyles - big side braid

This one’s easy, obviously, it’s a big braid. I braided it a tad bit different by just pulling the pieces from the very outside, not entire sections, and added them to the braid. It creates a more piece-y look than big and chunky and is perfect to ward off wet, rainy hair!

Knotted French Braid

rainy day hairstyles: knotted French Braid

This is so much simpler than it looks, promise! You start with two sections of hair and tie a knot at the top, then add hair and tie another one, and repeat until there is no more hair to add. Then tie knots until you have no more hair to tie knots with. Tuck the long part under or create a little bun, secure with pins and you’re done! If you do better with a visual, no worries, I’ve got it in the video for you! You can see how I did all four of these styles, just watch below!


You can subscribe to my channel here if you want to check out more videos, I’d love to have ya! Otherwise, any other hair tutorials you’d like to see ’round these parts? Let me know in the comments, I love suggestions!

4 Responses to Rainy Day Hairstyles

  1. Krista November 7, 2014 at 8:57 am #

    Holy cow, your hair looks amazing without brushing and just wearing it kinda messy. I love it!

    It rains a lot here in Seattle, too so these pretty styles will be so much fun to attempt. My hair is straight, super thick, and about 3 inches shorter than yours. I have a hard time getting bobby pins to stay in my hair even after watching your bobby pin tutorial several times. Not sure if I’m not understanding how to use them properly or if my hair is too slippery/heavy, but I’ll keep on trying.

  2. Winston October 8, 2015 at 3:15 am #

    We experienced some crazy windy weather in Sydney this week, so naturally we had to blog about it too. Not long for warmer days though, and god, we can’t wait to let our hair down.

    • Natalia October 9, 2015 at 10:57 am #

      Thanks, I’ll have to check out!


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