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Soft, Voluminous Ponytail

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I love coming up with hair styles that are easy and practical and make the everyday women feel awesome. Because really, that’s me. I started this blog to get my booty out of my sweatpants and actually take care of myself and it morphed into motivating you all to join me in this journey! Looking good and feeling good from the inside out.

I know that most of you that read this are women. Busy women. Women with kids, jobs, husbands, houses, lives. I feel ya, me too. And somehow falls seems to be a crazy busy season. School starts, sports start and we still have the everyday life to take care of. If we’re all being honest, the ponytail is a look we rock quite often. Even as a ‘beauty blogger’ I still rep the ponytail on occasion. That’s why it’s fun to come up with ways to make a simple ponytail pretty. Without, of course, a lot of extra time and effort. You’ll love this soft, voluminous ponytail that will have you looking & feeling good in under 5 minutes flat!!

soft ponytail tutorial

Thin hair? No worries, the topsy-turvy flip gives you the appearance of volume and the criss-cross above the wide widens the ponytail area once again creating the look of more hair.

This is a super, super easy tutorial. Like you can do it under 5 minutes. I had my hair curled already, so that doesn’t count. But this would still look good with straight hair and even curly hair! I used my Goody brushes to get a good base for the style, I wanted it soft and smooth all over.

goody brushes

easy ponytail

Here’s what I used.

  • It’s a 10: I love this leave in conditioner. It’s enough to help brush my hair out without leaving it feeling to heavy or oily.
  • Goody TangleFix brush: I use this right out of the shower after I spray my It’s a 10 leave in conditioner. I actually have a light version of the one shown here. The tangle brush is marketed for kids, but works for adults too! My hair is always a tangled mess right out of the shower, so it’s perfect for me too!
  • Goody QuikStyle: I have really thick hair, so this brush was perfect to speed up the styling process. It’s got super absorbent microfiber bristles in between the regular ones so it helps cut drying time down a ton. Think of if your towel and your paddle brush had a baby. Niiiiiice.
  • Hair tie
  • Bobby Pins

Soft, Voluminous Ponytail

ponytail tutorial

It’s so simple I didn’t even think it needed a video tutorial. Feel free to pin this for later! 🙂 Here’s the steps:

  1. Add product and brush through with your Goody TangleFix to make sure the product is throughout the hair.
  2. Brush through with your Goody Quikstyle to get the excess water out & help the hair dry faster.
  3. If you have time, run a blow dryer through it. If not, you can continue this with damp hair, it’ll still look good!
  4. Separate the front parts out from ear to ear and put the back rest into a ponytail holder.
  5. Do the topsy-turvy flip with the ponytail so it’s nice and voluminous.
  6. Start on whatever side you want and take a section, lightly twist over the ponytail and secure with bobby pin.
  7. Same thing on the other side.
  8. Repeat until all the hair is pinned over the ponytail.
  9. VOILA!!

It’s that easy!!

voluminous ponytail

You can grab the Goody TangleFix and Quikstyle brushes at your local Walgreens and right now they have a BOGO promotion going on all Goody products! Oh man, that’s dangerous for me, they have so much fun stuff! I was clicking through their tutorials over on their tumblr and they have lots of cute ideas too. You need a Walgreens rewards card to qualify, but no worries if you don’t have one. They’re free and you can grab it next time you’re in the store. The deal is available until 11/1/14 or until supplies last so run out and get yours!

So what do you think, is this a tutorial you’d give a try? I’d love to see if you do, make sure to hashtag #mnmHairdo if you do, so I can see it!

3 Responses to Soft, Voluminous Ponytail

  1. Amanda D October 21, 2014 at 10:03 pm #

    I love this! it looks easy to achieve but not in the way I usually see it done. Also I’ve never seen a brush that helps dry your hair at the same time. (though I have to wonder if its easy to keep clean or whether it would get mucky after a while)

  2. Hannah Atkinson October 22, 2014 at 11:56 am #

    This is a beautiful hairstyle!! I wish I could pull this off with my hair! I wear a ponytail to work two or three days a week and would love for something different from the original. My hair is so thick and heavy that everything falls out. Any hairspray suggestions?

  3. NataliaM October 23, 2014 at 4:17 pm #

    I’m so glad you mentioned the Quiksyle brush! I keep eyeing them up in stores but was nervous to splurge on another brush without knowing if it was really worth it. I will definitely be making a stop to Walgreens!

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