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3 Tips to a Successful Morning Routine

A couple weeks ago I talked about our morning routine. Ikea has a campaign going on called First :59 that is encouraging and helping people organize their lives so that the first 59 minutes of their day, often what can determine how the rest of the day goes, is easier and goes smoother. In my personal experience, if we are rushed out the door and I’m frantic because the kids are going to be late, the kids feel it and it really can color their day. I’m not the most organized person, which is why I need programs like this – to take their suggestions & implement them into our lives. Which is what I did.

I’m going to share what I used from Ikea to help our morning routine get more organized and run smoother. Now, I am working with Ikea on their First:59 campaign, however most of my house is pretty much Ikea. I bought two items suggested to help create a successful morning routine for us, everything else I had or had just bought prior to the campaign. Gotta LOVE Ikea!!

First of all, I’ve been trying to incorporate more Bible verses into our lives. I do my Bible study in the morning, usually before the kids wake up but the kids don’t really get that much of anything. So I bought this glass notice board and I love it. I have been looking for something like this for verses, chores, notes etc. and this is perfect. It’s at the boys level and it’s not so huge and bulky where it looks ugly. In fact, because it’s glass you could just erase it and it doesn’t standout at all!

glass notice board to help organize the morning routine

We’ve got the verse of the week and a little encouraging phrase! My boys like this little details.

Next issue is that I never eat breakfast. I’m the worst. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I’m scampering about trying to get everyone else ready! And I only have two kids!! I bought this beautiful glass carafe from Ikea and I’ve been making smoothies ahead of time. All I do is whip out the carafe and poor myself a healthy, delicious smoothie. It’s so easy and most certainly better than nothing.

glass carafe for breakfast to help make an easy morning routine

We also tackle the boys rooms in the morning. They don’t have a ton of toys, so it’s not so bad, and they have to clean their rooms in the evenings so in the morning all we have to do is make their beds. Before we had these ugly sheets and quilted-type cover things on their beds because that’s what the team supplied. I had them for too long, they were so ugly. Finally at a trip to Ikea I bought them a cute duvet cover. Well, I say cute, they say cool, you know how it goes. They don’t use sheets here in France so all they have to do is pull up the comforter and straighten it out and their beds are made!

morning routine: making beds

The rooms get really super dark here in France because of their black out shutters (which are awesome) so I found this super cute night light at Ikea. It’s a little plastic mouse thing that is even safe to sleep with if they want to. I only have one, so he sits across the room from them and gives off just enough light to get them through the night. He also has a rechargeable battery which is awesome – just plug him into the wall!

morning routing: night light

We have the big city rug and my boys legit play on this. I love it! Anything that gets their imaginations rolling, I’m all for. It also pulls double duty by warming up their small space!

morning routine: kids room

Now I want to share 3 simple tips I’ve learned in the last couple weeks to help our morning go smooth. These are simple and most likely not mind blowing although I’m sure a lot of us struggle with doing them. The First:59 website has quite a few ideas and remedies to calm the first 59 minutes of your day and help everyone in the family to have a great morning.

3 simple tips to have a successful morning routine

3 simple tips to have a successful morning routine

1.) Do things ahead of time

This is one of the most mentioned one when I asked via social media. You guys must really have it together! I know a lot of moms have to pack lunches everyday, which can add so much to a morning routine. Anything and everything you can do before hand – do it. Lay out clothes, pack lunches, get back packs ready, all these things will help your morning go smoother and everyone get out the door happily.

2.) Have a schedule

I think all mornings need this one. We have a very simple, yet effective (mostly) schedule. My kids wake up at 8:00 most mornings and come out and cuddle up on the couch for a few minutes (like the picture above of Eli). If I rush them, they get cranky, it’s cool, I think most people need some wake up time. They usually are all cozied up while I make breakfast. Once it’s ready, they drag themselves to the table and eat. Once they’re finished, it’s off to brush their teeth, get dressed, make their beds & we’re ready to go! Our school start at 8:45 and we’re able to get out the door on be there on time… generally.

Obviously this schedule wouldn’t work for everyone. For example, I imagine if you have girls, it would take a lot longer. The extent of the time my boys spend in the bathroom is for brushing their teeth. I also think the idea of routine in the home before school helps your kids prepare for their day.

3.) Keep it simple

I have my kids make their beds (most) mornings. For breakfast, we keep it simple by most mornings having the same thing. I do oatmeal with raisins and unsweetened applesauce. I feel good about it because there isn’t any added sugar, the boys like it, and it’s filling! We change it up by adding maybe a different fruit on the side or breakfast biscuits but generally it’s the same. This simplifies my morning all together and gives the kids some consistency.

By incorporating all of these three things mornings should run relatively smooth! Now, if you’re like me it’s making sure you’re up on time to make it all happen!

Now, these are just three simple tips that are pretty broad. Once again, I think you should definitely check out the First:59 website for a ton of resources, suggestions, and ideas to make your morning routine easier. You can also, obviously, check out Ikea where they’ve pretty much got it all. Gotta love the blue and gold, can they do any wrong? I don’t think so. I really don’t.

Now, I even did a little video of our morning routine on my YouTube channel. Check it out and get a tiny peek into our morning!

So what do you do to make your morning routine easier? Do you have a morning routine? Or did you need a little help like me! Share your tips in the comments!
**I worked with Ikea to create this post and was compensated for it. However, as always, all thoughts, opinions, and crazy morning routines are my own! I really do love (and own quite a lot of) Ikea!**

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  1. molly @ still being molly September 30, 2014 at 5:16 pm #

    I love this! I have been awful about getting into a regular routine in the mornings… I have got to step up my game!

    • Natalia October 2, 2014 at 4:52 am #

      Thanks! Ya, me too, too often I’m like “GUUUUUYSSS! we gotta go!!” Today was much more pleasant though, thank goodness! We even got to cuddle a bit before school started!

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