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Tips for hosting viewing party

Tracking PixelI worked with CVS to create this post for you all! The content, words, and opinions expressed are all my own!

The VMAs are coming up and what a better way to have a fun, simple night in than host a viewing party!

I know, I know, right off the bat it sounds overwhelming. But I just threw one the other day – with kids involved – and it was great! So I thought I would share a few tips I learned along the way and hopefully inspire you to have one of your own as well!

It’s funny how after becoming a mom my idea of a good time shifted a bit. When I was 18 I went down to Hollywood for the Oscars and stood outside the party screaming at the celebrities that walked by. That was my idea of fun. Now if someone would tell me that I could have a fun, simple night in watching TV with my girlfriends while my kids were entertained, I’d be sold. And that’s just what we did.

I hosted a viewing party with some super fun CVS products and I wanted to share some simple tips how you could host yours too! Let’s do this!

Tips for hosting a killer viewing party!

Simple tips to host a killer viewing party

1.) Invite the kids!

If you want to get your friends who are moms out to have a good time, just invite the kids. They might want to leave the kids at home, but if you make it an option and have a few things for the kids, it makes it so much easier to manage. Pop some popcorn, give them individual buckets and throw on their favorite movie and you’ve got yourself some time with friends!

2.) Have something for the kids too

looks that rock CVS

The fun pink bags behind there? Those are for the kids who came. They happened to all be little girls who love pink, so pink bags it was! But all you have to do is pick up a few items from the dollar section at CVS while you’re getting some fun stuff for the mommies and you’re good to go! The girls were so excited to get something for them and it kept them a little busy at first!

3.) Keep the food and drink simple

drinks food platter

I went ahead and bought some yummy pre-made snacks and drinks at Trader Joe’s and set them out. They were all very yummy, I didn’t have to do much and it cleaned up rather easily! Less time spent preparing the more time you can be enjoying your friends! Although my sons and brother couldn’t stay away from it all!

4.) Fun for Moms too!

looks that rock swag

Sure it’d be fun to sit there and just watch the VMAs with your friends. But you know what would be so much more fun? Watching it while trying out some fun new makeup items!! All these items above are by P&G and are found at CVS. I set them out nicely, in front of the girls pretty pink bags, so that we could dig in! And dig in we did. In between talks of our kids, starting school, and things like that we were trying on mascara, under eye cream, and long lasting lip gloss. Which – in case you were wondering – really lives up to it’s name, right Erica? 🙂 I wore it too and it lasted the rest of the day, for sure.

CoverGIrl 24 lips

CoverGirl BombShell mascara

So we played around with makeup while the kids watched a movie and played around the house. My sister-in-law can only wear CoverGirl products on her eyes and anything else makes her eyes swell up so she was super stoked to try the CoverGirl Bombshell mascara. There’s two different sides to it, one that elongates and one that thickens. We all loved it.

My favorite item for the mini razor. It’s handheld and the perfect size for your gym bag or on the go. It’s also got a grip on it so it’s easy to hold on to. Why is everything that small so cute? This one happens to be practical too. Here’s the picture of the mommas!

viewing party

So this post is coming just in time for the VMAs this weekend! You can throw together a party like this one in no time, in fact, I did it in one afternoon. Simple & fun is the key, don’t over-do it and every one’s happy!

To get ready for the VMAs this Sunday there will be a #LOOKSTHATROCK Twitter party at 5:00 – 6:00 PST, kinda like a pre-party! If you’ve never participated in a Twitter party before, you really should try it, they are a ton of fun. You just hop on line (don’t even have to get dressed up!) and chat with other women about beauty, the awards, and whatever else comes up! I’ll be there and hope you will too!

Hope these simple tips inspired you to host a fun viewing party!

Any other tips you’d add to the list? Are you going to be hosting a viewing party for the VMAs?

Happy Viewing!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CVS.

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