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Travel the World with Little Passports

If you’re new around these parts, you might not know that our life is spent between two countries and that we’re a tri-cultural family. We split our time between France & America (2 cultures) and my husband is from the Bahamas (3rd culture). It sounds a tad crazy and that’s probably because… well, it is!

The one amazing thing about this lifestyle is that our kids have been able to experience so many different cultures. They’ve visited 5 different countries, lived in two and have been on countless plane flights. They speak two languages (the older better than the younger) and we’ve really been able to immerse ourselves into the French culture. And I love that.

However, I know this isn’t a normal reality. We are blessed to do it because of my husband’s job but if he wasn’t a basketball player in France there is no way we would travel like we do. Or much at all for that matter. I get that it is super hard to travel with kids, specially to another country. But I do still think it’s important, not to mention really fun, to expose your kids to other cultures and places. To try to instill in them a love of exploring and openness to different things. There’s even a ton of beautiful places we have right here in the US!

When I discovered Little Passports, I knew I had to share it with you guys. This is not sponsored (although there’s some affiliate links) but I’m really passionate about getting our kids excited about exploring the world! When I see something I love, I just have to share!

Little Passports

Little Passports package

Did you know that this year in my French class me and the other Americans were the only ones in the class only learning a second language? Everyone else was on their third or fourth! Isn’t that incredible?

I mean, to our credit, America is pretty stinkin’ big. It’s hard to leave. Heck, I could fly 5 hours and still be in the same country! In Europeans favor, they are surrounded by countries. They have quite a few more opportunities than we do. But that’s okay, right? We might have to work a little harder, but we can create our own opportunities!

Little Passports map

I really wanted to share Little Passports with you because when I heard about it, I knew it was brilliant! (Why can’t I think of something like this!) I think I saw it on Facebook first, then checked out the site and have been a fan ever since. They have a World Edition and a USA Edition. The first box is what you see here (we did the world edition). The boxes that come after are a different country each month and include an adventure letter, fun souvenirs, stickers for the suitcase, passport or maps, photos from that country, and also some access to online games and activities! You can see more info & examples on their site.

For all you homeschooling moms, how cool is this, right? The package is addressed to your kids so they can get so excited about getting something in the mail. As you can see, there’s a huge map of the world and I just loved watching Tae read it and decide where he wants to go next. It makes my momma heart smile for sure.

travel the world with little passports


My kids were very excited to get their box, I posted on Instagram about it the other day. Tae sat right down and started checking out places and planning his next travels. I wish we could take him there in real life (his first choice was Brazil!) but with Little Passports we’ll definitely visit!

What do you think? Have you used them before? I had someone mention that they do something similar. I’d love to hear about it all! How do you teach your kids about the world & try to inspire them to want to explore? Share in the comments!!

Little Passports

Like I said, I’m not getting paid to write this post or anything, I just really loved the service and product and I always want to share things with you guys that I’m super excited about! I have affiliate links included, but that doesn’t change anything for you guys, I just get a little something if you purchase which really helps Ma Nouvelle Mode keep on running! So thank you!

2 Responses to Travel the World with Little Passports

  1. Sheila August 7, 2014 at 4:59 am #


    What a creative, educational & fun activity for kids!

    Receiving a “surprise” package in the mail is always exciting & this is an excellent alternative to electronic entertainment.

    My kids are grown (however one is about to have her own little one) so I will definitely be keeping this in mind for that next generation. I am also going to share this with my sister who teaches 1st & 2nd grade who could take some inspiration from the concept & perhaps adapt to a classroom activity.

    Geez…I love traveling too, is there an adult version? hehehe


    • Natalia August 9, 2014 at 11:51 am #

      I thought it was a great idea too! Oh and if you check out their website, I think they might have some stuff for teachers or for in a classroom. That’s another reason I thought it was cool. To have the kids kinda feel like they’re going places without ever leaving! I love that!

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