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Simple Summer Series: Golden Tote

We’re back!! In June I teamed up with a couple other amazing bloggers to bring you a Simple Summer Series. Life can get overwhelming, and summer with the kids home and still work to do is no different! We wanted to simplify things and share some tips to make your summer a little easier and happier!

Meet the ladies:

Simple Summer Series Natalia @ Ma Nouvelle Mode // Elle at Elle Sees // Cyndi at Walking in Grace // Alison at Get Your Pretty On // Jen at Yummy, Healthy, Easy

Last time I shared 5 simple summer hairstyles so you can look cute in no time. Today I wanted to share something I’ve happened upon recently – Golden Tote.

It’s no secret that I LOVE monthly boxes. I love the surprise that comes with it. I love that it’s items not everyone owns. And mostly, I love the ease of it all. I like to shop, but I very rarely have the time. Somehow, that’s just not a luxury I have right now.

Enter Golden Tote. It’s a monthly package of either $149 for 5-7 items (a $600 value!) or a $49 bag with 2-3 items (a $200 value!). You decide the package that you want and then you chose one or two items you definitely want in the tote. The rest is a surprise! How will they know what you like? No worries – you fill out a style profile before you shop that will give them a good sense of what’s right up your alley.

Now you might be wondering how this relates to our simple summer series. Well, for me at least, with kids at home, a working husband, and a job still to do, my summer is crazy. Not to mention vacations and other things that take up time. I want to add new things to my wardrobe, I just don’t have time! I also don’t want to buy everything I wear from Target. Call me crazy, but I want my clothes to be mostly unique to me! With a package full of items chosen according to your tastes sent to you door when each month (or when you want!) — that’s what I call simple!! It’s like your own personal shopper. This is a style/fashion/beauty blog after all, isn’t it?

So, I recently for the $149 Golden Tote. I couldn’t wait to show you all the swag! I would say that when putting in your size, go up a size. Most everything fit except one pair of shorts I just couldn’t squeeze my bootie into. It’s too bad too, because they’re so cute!

Why I love my Golden Tote

why I love my golden tote

The outfit on the bottom right is two pieces and can be worn separately. In fact, I wore the shorts with a black tank to an evening at my church the other night. I like them because they are shorts and a top but with the pattern they’re different and cute. I also wore the floral top yesterday as you can see in my top knot pic. It was perfect for the extremely hot and humid day we had yesterday!

You can check out Golden Tote here for a while new shopping experience. Then go check out  the ladies at the beginning of this post for some more simple summer tips!!

Have a great day!

2 Responses to Simple Summer Series: Golden Tote

  1. Madaline July 16, 2014 at 3:06 am #

    I’ve never heard of Golden Tote but it sounds like a great concept. Love that mint green shirt.

    • Natalia July 17, 2014 at 4:46 pm #

      Thanks! The mint one was one of my favorites too! It’s definitely a fun buy!

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