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No Heat Summer Hairstyles

During the summer months hair can get somewhat… annoying. Gasp! A hair/beauty blogger said hair can be annoying?! I know, but when it’s so stinking hot, that’s all it really is. So I’ve come up with some tips to keep cool in the heat.

No Heat Summer Hairstyles

7 no heat hairstyle ideas

I have 7 different no heat hairstyles for you to try. So really you could just switch them off every day of the week and be good. I mean, isn’t summer all about ease and simplicity? Well, these are it. I’m not a fancy-shmancy hair person, I’m a get er done hair person. Practicality is my thang.


no heat hair

Ever had your hair so dirty even dry shampoo is like “nah girl. That ain’t gonna happen”? No? Well, hmmm, I’m having a hard time thinking how you would have gotten to my blog. Anyway, I’ve been there and you know what the best solution is? Well, probably taking a shower & washing that nasty mop of yours, but heck, life’s not always that easy! Instead throw a cap on! Depending on the day I ‘borrow’ my sons baseball cap if I’m feeling kinda sporty or I throw on my big floppy brown one if I’m relaxing by the pool/beach. Then you just see the clean part of my hair. And I call that a win.


turban style headband

Bangs in your face? There’s an app for that. Or wait, not an app, but there’s definitely solutions! I’ve got 13 ways to wear your bangs right here and one of them is definitely to slap on a headband. You can toss the rest of your hair up into a cute top knot or to the side in a braid or heck, just leave it down! But with a cute headband, you’ll be set to go!


braided ballerina bun back

Really, need I say more? I mean, braids solve all my hair problems. Frizzy hair? Big side braid. Bangs bugging the heck out of me? Front braided bangs. Hot outside and you’re sweaty neck hair is gonna kill you? Braid that baby up and stick it in a top knot. BAM. Braids really rock during the summer.

Sea Salt Spray

sea salt spray

Messy hair don’t care? Good, you’re cooler that way! Messy is ‘in’ and seriously all you have to do to have that unkept messy look is spray some sea salt spray into your natural, undone hair, scrunch it up and let it dry. You’ll look like you just came from the beach. Heck, throw a braid in there too and you’ll really be styling!

Smoothing Serums

smooth sexy hair

Hands down my favorite hair products are of the Big Sexy Hair brand. Their dry shampoo is the only one that works for me and their volumizing gel pumps up your hair like no one’s business. They recently sent me some of their Smooth Sexy Hair products and man… they just keep it coming. The shampoo and conditioner make my hair so smooth and silky without any other products. They have a blow dry extender cream which smooths out your blow dry & makes it last longer.

Anti Frizz Spray

smooth and seal spray

It seems like most of around the world summer and frizz go hand in hand. Even here in dry California my hair has be know to frizz out. No worries, Smooth Sexy Hair to the rescue (again!). They’ve got a frizz eliminator to use on damp hair and a anti-frizz and shine to use on the finished products. It’s really a go-to line for the summer. I hate blow drying my hair in the summers, specially when it’s already hot around 7:00 am. These products still work on air-dried hair.


everyday messy bun

Big, beautiful buns! Low or high, messy or neat, buns are the perfect way to beat the heat! Oh my gosh, that rhymed and I didn’t even mean to. No more rhyming and I mean it! Anybody want a peanut? Name that movie! Okay, back to business. Top knots are awesome. I wear them often during the summer with wet hair, messy hair and even dirty hair. And disclaimer – although it sounds like I never wash my hair, I promise I do. Just… not often. Pick a top knot and rock it for a perfect summer hairstyle!

There you have it! A style for every day of the week. And they’re different enough to switch them up and make people think that you’re so creative with your hair. That’s what I do. Or where your hair a way that you like it and then recycle the same one at an event when different people will be around and impress everyone!

Hope you liked these styles! What’s your go-to summer hairstyle? Share in the comments so we can all up our no-heat summer hairstyle repertoire!

3 Responses to No Heat Summer Hairstyles

  1. Hannah July 11, 2014 at 6:16 am #

    I recently chopped all my hair off for the summer, so most of these aren’t possible right now. But I absolutely love all of them!! Oh, and the movie is Princess Bride. 😉 I watched that movie WAY too many times as a kid.

    • Natalia July 15, 2014 at 12:42 pm #

      Haven’t we all watched that movie way too much? haha! Well, short hair is a great option for summer! At least it’s off your neck! I have styles for short hair too on the blog, just put in “short hair” in the search bar at the top left!

  2. Prim n Per'fect April 18, 2018 at 9:33 am #

    i like all these styles for summer time but unfortunately i dont know how to make braid for myself. i make it for other hairs but failed for myself.

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