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Summer Hairstyles & Simple Summer Series

Happy Wednesday you guys! Today I’ve got something fun for you. When I was thinking about what people would be interested to read during the summer, something helpful for you guys, I thought simplify. Because I don’t know about you, we’re a couple weeks into summer & already I’m wondering how I going to continue to balance the rest!

So I teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers to bring you a Simple Summer Series. I’m going to share some of my tips with you here today and then you can jump over and visit the other ladies to check out some of their tips to simplify fashion, beauty, & even food!! I really hope you enjoy it and that it’s helpful!

Meet the group!

Simple Summer Series Natalia @ Ma Nouvelle Mode // Elle at Elle Sees // Cyndi at Walking in Grace // Alison at Get Your Pretty On // Jen at Yummy, Healthy, Easy

I know and love these guys, I hope you get to check them out too. It’ll be worth your time for sure!

Now for my ‘simple summer’ tip – hairstyles! I am going to share 5 simple summer hairstyles that can be done super fast. No more boring ponytails!

5 Simple summer hairstyles

5 simple summer hairstyles to try

The Bandanna

Summer hairstyles - easy bandanna

Sometimes my hair is dirty at the roots but still nice and smooth mid-way down until the ends. I don’t want to take the time to wash it, but it still doesn’t look so great when I try to style it. The bandanna is the answer to this hair problem! It’s a little gypsie-ish but that makes it kinda fun, doesn’t it? I have a¬†scarf that is really light material that I use so it doesn’t get too hot.

The Headband

Simple Summer Hairstyle - wrapped headband bun

The headband tuck is brilliant. It can work for any type of hair, even shorter hair! It doesn’t require any know-how, you just put a headband on and tuck your hair into the headband. DONE. Genius, right? If you’d like a video tutorial for this one, you can check out this post. This is a great summer hairstyle.

Side Dutch Braid Ponytail

Simple summer hairstyles dutch side braided ponytail

I just tried this the other day, although it’s not really mind-blowing or anything, but it’s a new favorite hairstyle! You just do a side dutch braid (a regular braid but the opposite way) all the way down to the ends and secure with an elastic. Then take the rest of your hair and secure into a low side ponytail. Wrap the braid all the way around the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins. You’re done! Hair’s out of your face & it’s cute!

Top Knot

summer hairstyle - top knot


Ahh, the top knot. It’s a life-saver in these hot months and I’m not gonna lie, I rock it quite a bit. All you do is flip your head upside down and twist all your hair straight up. Wrap it around until it becomes a bun. Is it messy? That’s okay. Secure with bobby pins or an elastic and you’re done. BAM stylish summer hairstyle. Need more top knot ideas? I’ve gotcha covered.

Braided updo

braided updo - simple summer hairstyls

This look is fun because it look so much more complicated than it is. You basically braid two Dutch braids all the way down. Secure one across and then if your hair is long enough, you’ll have quite a bit left over. You’ll take what’s left over and lay it on top of what you just pinned and secure with bobby pins. Do the same with the other side but lay it underneath the braid you already pinned. What you’ll end up with is a beautiful summer braided updo.

That’s it! What’s your favorite way to wear your hair over the summer? Will you try any of these?

Don’t forget to visit the other ladies in the group to see some more simple summer tips!


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