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Deep Part with a Simple Side Braid

Hey guys!

I’m having such a fun time here in LA. So much fun I haven’t been posting really at all… whoops! But I said at the beginning of the year that it would be my goal to have a hair style every Friday and I really, really want to stick to it. So here we are, week #3 I think and I have another hairstyle!! Yay for me!!

It’s super pretty and super simple – just the way I like it. If you want to see how to curl your hair, you can check out this tutorial here. Because in the video below I don’t cover how to curl your hair, I just show the style.


I think this hairstyle would be a perfect one for a hot Valentine’s Day date, don’t ya think? It’s beautiful and dramatic, but not too fancy. I also think it’d be a great bridesmaids hairstyle as well. Or everyday. Sheesh the options are endless. I ended up wearing it to a basketball game. Because, well, basketball is my life… 🙂


Here’s a run down of what you’ll need:



Also, I definitely still have bangs in all these photos. I just swept them into the rest of the curls and sprayed them to the side. That way they go with the hairstyle and get out of my face!

Deep side part with braid

So what do you think, would you wear this style? I sure hope so because I’m sure it’d look amazing on you. 🙂 Give it a try this weekend! Here’s the video for the full tutorial. You can subscribe to my channel here. Hope you enjoy!!

Have a great weekend!

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