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5 Tips to Help Prevent Breakouts #SleepNaked

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Swisspers. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m 30 years old and I still struggle with breakouts from time to time. And honestly, before a couple months ago, I really have too many answers! But I’ve figured out what works for me and definitely have some tips for you. Hopefully this will either help you or at least help you identify things you might be able to change in your routine to work better for you. 5 tips for preventing breakouts #sleepnaked

1. Get Rest!

It’s super important for your skin to get a lot of rest. Your skin, along with your body, need sleep to rejuvenate throughout the night! I know it’s all the rage to burn the midnight oil getting things done, but try scheduling so you can get at least 6-8 hours a night. Some people (ahem… me) need more of the latter or they can.not.function. the next day.

2. Try to find the cause

For me, it took a while, but I realized there were certain things I ate and drank that would cause it. If I drink too much coffee, I will probably have a break out. BOO-HOO, right?! I have since replaced coffee with hot water and lemon on most mornings and when I really need it, I bring out the big guns, a big ole cuppa Joe. Try to find if there’s anything in your diet that is setting your breakouts off.

3. Find the right products

This took me a while too! Like a couple years dealing with breakouts before figuring it all out. (This is what I use now and I LOVE it.). This is definitely part of the problem. Figure out what products work. Some might not be  hindering necessarily, but they’re not helping either. Your products should be fighting the breakouts for you! Read on…

4. Find the skin care regime

I discovered the Clarisonic and it’s fabulous. I use it with my normal cleanser at night. I have found the extra scrub really helps. But all skin types are different. It’s important to find what actually works for you!

5. Sleep Naked

Say what? What does sleeping naked have to do with your skin care? I cannot tell you how important it is to let your have sleep naked. When I was having my worse break outs, I really believe the number one problem was that I wasn’t completely cleansing my face. I would wash my face with a cleanser that wasn’t really working and that was that. No scrub, no makeup remover, just the face wash. Well, when you don’t get your face completely naked at night it has time to sit there and fester.

Studies show that most women don’t remove their makeup at all at night! And out of the ones that do, they’re (we’re – because I was totally in that group) are doing it wrong. So I’ve partnered with Swisspers for their  Swisspers® Sleep Naked campaign that urges young women to achieve a healthier skin regimenby sleeping naked, which means ending their day makeup-free. Asset1

Here’s how it’s done right ladies: (More info here: How to remove face and lip makeup or How to remove eye makeup)

  • Spread makeup remover on a Swisspers® Premium Cotton Round and then gently apply it to your skin, face and neck with delicate, gliding strokes.
  • Leave the remover on your skin for a few minutes to let the makeup dissolve completely.
  • Then use another clean round to wipe off the remover – using an extremely light touch.
  • Moisten a clean cotton round with water and follow the same motion to remove any remaining makeup remover.
  • Wash and exfoliate your face with your usual facial cleanser along with an exfoliating cotton pad or exfoliating sponge and gently pat dry with a clean, soft towel.

Yep, I’ve totally been doing it wrong. But seriously starting anew tonight! If you weren’t convinced yet, here are the main reasons Why you should sleep naked.

  • It helps your skin breathe. It allows your skin to breathe and helps maintain its natural tone. When you leave eye makeup on overnight, it can dry out the skin on your eyelids.
  • Your pores will appear smaller. When makeup becomes stuck in your pores, it can make them appear larger. This leads to bacterial build-up, which can irritate your skin and even cause acne.
  • It prevents collagen breakdown which leads to wrinkles. Makeup removal helps prevent skin inflammation, which can generate free radicals and collagen breakdown – associated with aging. Also, proper removal of lip makeup will protect your lips and keep them from aging prematurely.
  • It keeps nasty make-up chemicals off your skin. Most makeup products are loaded with different types of chemicals. If you keep them on your skin for a longer time or you don’t remove them properly, these chemicals will penetrate your skin and could cause damage for the long term.
  • It promotes natural exfoliation. It allows the natural exfoliation process of shedding your skin, which will prevent your skin from looking dull. TIP: Incorporating exfoliating into your skin care regimen will encourage healthier looking skin.

  • Your pillow case will thank you.

So I am taking the pledge to Sleep Naked with team Brunette (Dani Jonas’ team!). Here’s the deal. There are two teams/celebrities Emily Maynard (the blonde team) and Dani Jonas (the brunette team). The celebrity with the most pledges will host a virtual party on National Sleep Naked Night, where she will answer fan questions in a live video chat, and have a $5,000 donation made in her name to a charity empowering young women. Obviously, I’m team brunette and it looks like we’re winning so far! usc9299-01_FB_TW_Badges_v02AR_20130903_BRUNETTE

So come visit the Sleep Naked Face-Off Page to take a pledge to Sleep Naked and adopt a beauty routine for cleaner and healthier skin!

Oh and September 19th we’ll be live tweeting  #SleepNaked Twitter party on National Sleep Naked Night – September 19, 2013 from 8:30-10:30 p.m. ET. the winning celebrity will tweet her videos during this time. Will you join me?

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