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Thrifty Fashion Finds- Reworking a Ill fitting Flannel

A few weeks ago while I was pursuing our local thrift store and trying to find a new skirt, I came across this flannel. I grabbed it because I liked the fact that is was black and white and I thought it would be a nice summer cover for cool evenings. Unfortunately when I took it home and tried it on I found that it was a little too tight in the arms. No matter! I love vests!
Flannel Vest

It was super easy to cut the sleeves off once I turned it inside out. I cut it on the inside of the seam so that when it was turned right side out the sleeves still looked finished. The nice thing about this vest is that it can be worn as an accessory like I am wearing it, or It can be left untied and worn as a sleeveless top.
Flannel Vest 2

Since vests or so in style right now, this is an easy way to add a few to your closet for a really low cost! You can try this with any button up you like! The possibilities are pretty much endless. Then if/when they are not so stylish anymore you won’t have a problem purging them 🙂
Flannelvestjump So head out to the thrift store and pick up a few blouses to cut the sleeves off of! Have fun creating a bunch of new looks. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting 🙂

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