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Link Love & a Discount

Happy Sunday everyone!

I just wanted to pop in and share some of my favorite links for the week & share a special with ya!

The winner of the Bold Threads giveaway was Nicole Henley! You’ve been e-mailed! 🙂

You can also enter a skin care giveaway here going on through Friday!

I am obsessed with this online boutique, you guys it’s fabulous! I want this skirt, so cute & different. They restock every Friday but sell out so fast! I am waiting to see this dress or this dress in stock & I’m gonna snatch it up!

I have been checking out this cute jewelry Etsy shop. So many cute things! I love this Faith necklace or this bird cage necklace. So cute.

If you didn’t already know, I am a beauty contributor over at Rags to Stitches. I shared a short hair triple twist updo over there this last week.

This post where a husband hacked her blog account to write a sweet anniversary note – so cute! I don’t think that would ever even cross my husband’s mind!

I also contribute over at Fancy Little Things. I wrote a post on ‘embracing your beautiful‘ a little it ago. It’s kind of a preview to something that’s coming to this blog soon!

I LOVED this post on losing weight. Done right, it can come off and stay off! So here’s to you all who are dropping the pounds! You go girls!

Here is another fun print I like. So, so true.

This bow ring is so cute! And this bracelet! So many cute cute things in this online jewelry shop. I love it. I’m gonna have to take advantage of my husband’s generosity! (or stupidity, we’ll see…)

Well, that’s quite a bit of link love to fill your Sunday!!

I also wanted to offer 35% off ANY ad space!! I get over 650,000 views a month & constantly see traffic going from my blog to sponsors – I love it!! I love working hard to make sure sponsors are happy & helping see blogs/shops grow. Your ad won’t just sit on my side bar, I work for you! sponsor

You can use the code SUNDAYFUNDAY here to get the 35% off.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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