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Copy Cat Closet ~ Winter Neon

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to another week of Copy Cat Closet! I hope you are still enjoying the challenges! This week was especially fun because we had Nikki from Bedazzles after Dark be our guest challenger. As you can see, she is far more stylish than I am!

It was a fun challenge too, neon in the winter. For some reason we feel like we have to stay away from bright colors in the winter. Not the case! Break out your best 80’s ensemble (maybe a little too much?) and rock it ladies! It really opens up your options & expands your closet.

Wanna join in? It’s really so fun, each week on Thursday a challenge is sent out with something specific to try to copy. Then the following Wednesday we come back here & Kelley’s place to link up our latest looks! You can sign up below & I promise, it’s just one e-mail a week!

I am still having a little trouble rockin’ the photo shoots in the middle of the streets. First of the all weather has been bad. Snow, rain, freezing, snow again, sunny skies, then rain. This is the north of France I think…

So I got creative… Or desperate, you decide:

winter neon in the city

I mean, you might not be able to see my fabulous outfit this way, but you get a great view of my city, right? We have two mini balconies and my 5 year old is standing on the other taking a picture of me. I am still unsure if this is more or less embarrassing than just taking the picture in the middle of the street.

Then my 2 yr old wanted in on the action. Here’s the shot he grabbed:

eli's shot

So we may have a little work to do with the E-man before he’s my next photographer. We’ll just say it was ‘artistic.’

Now here are Nikki’s looks. Aren’t they fabulous? I chose to kinda copy the neon with black look. But she gave so many options & great tips!
winter neon Here were Nikki’s tips:

  • If you’re a bit nervous about venturing into Neon… start small! An accessory like a bag or a belt is always easy and something anyone can try.
  • Pick neon colors that you love. I’m obsessed with pink in general so I tend to always be attracted towards oranges, pinks & yellows. If you don’t love the color you won’t love your outfit!
  • Stick to a neutral palette for the rest of your look. Nude shoes, white tees, chambray shirts & boyfriend jeans are always a great companion to neon.
  • Don’t be scared! I rocked 2 neons together and got SO many compliments. The #1 rule when wearing neon – be confident and smile! People will love your outfit if they know you love it!

Your turn!! Link up your neon look below!! Don’t have an outfit with neon? That’s okay, link up your latest fashion post, we’d love to see it. It’s great inspiration too!!

5 Responses to Copy Cat Closet ~ Winter Neon

  1. Amanda February 6, 2013 at 2:59 pm #

    Love the look! I really like the shot too ;). Better than a self-timer shot in your bedroom (like one of mine)!

    • Natalia February 7, 2013 at 7:15 am #

      haha I don’t know, that might be better! I gotta get better at taking some outside!

  2. POMERETA February 7, 2013 at 2:23 pm #

    All winter I have been looking to those neon scarffs and t-shirts in H&M, really loved them but never made my mind, every single time I saw them I thought: “how am going to wear that?uuummm… is no way I can wear that…” So, thanks for all your ideas and outfits, because next time I see that lovely neon scarff is going to home with me  =O)

    • Natalia February 8, 2013 at 5:41 am #

      I am so glad that we inspired you to try something new! It’s fun to branch out & it definitely opens up your closet to new outfit choices!


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