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Top 25 of Beauty & Fashion Mommas

I’m so excited!

I know it’s really not a big deal, but someone nominated me to be a top 25 Beauty & Fashion blog on Circle of Moms! I’m excited because I have never been nominated before. One time someone told me to just put myself on the list, so I did, but that was for top expat blogs. I ended up in the top 25, which was nice, but it’s not the main topic I write about.

So this time around it’s fashion & beauty I’m nominated for. Although I don’t always feel fashionable or beautiful, it’s still nice to be recognized for trying!

I would love it if you took two seconds to vote for me. I have it linked directly to my profile, so all you do is click the picture below and click vote and you’re done!

There are a lot of beautiful, fashionable ladies in the running and I’m seriously honored to be among them (so cheesy, I know!!). I’d love to at least be in the running!

I’ll be up to posting normally next week. Adjusting to living in France has taken a bit longer this time, specially because we’ve been traveling as well. We’ll be home soon & Tae starts school next week!

Updates coming soon!

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