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New Year’s Eve Outfits!

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a very fun and safe New Year’s Eve and rang in 2013 in style. We most certainly did not. Actually, it was in style, it was just our style. We went out as a family, hung out, played some games, ate dinner in a restaurant that was like a subway car complete with a train going around on tracks. Then put the boys to bed & hung out together! Life without babysitters isn’t always that exciting.

But we’ve been all around France in the last few days & we thought keeping it simple would be best. In fact, we’re on vacation right now. We traveled back to our old stompin’ grounds – St Etienne – to visit friends. It feels like home here!

So let’s talk New Year’s Eve outfits! I had big ideas of what I wanted to wear but plans changed, as they often do with kids, & I didn’t get to rock my gold shoes… But here are some options I would have loved to wear.

new years outfits

Sorry for my lack of creativity in challenges! I’ve been so crazy adjusting to life here & the time change & everything it’s been hard to get on top of things. I still think it’ll be fun to live vicariously through all your beautiful New Year’s Eve outfits! So please show me!

If you don’t know what Copy Cat Closet is, it’s where I send out an e-mail every Thursday with a ‘challenge’ ¬†and you take that challenge and create a look that suits your style. Then come back every Wednesday & link up with me or Kelley @ The Grant Life & visit others to see some cute outfits! If you’d like to join you can sign up below!

Okay! Now it’s time to see what you all wore for New Year’s Eve! I can’t wait! So link up below & check out some others. Happy New Year everyone!!

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