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Holiday Makeup-Frosted Blue Eye Makeup

So I have given you a sophisticated Silvery Eye and a subtle colorful Purple and Gold eye, but maybe you are looking for something just a little bit more daring? Do you have a great New Year’s Eve party to go to and you want to do something that will really make you stand out? Then let me share with you my Frosted Blue Eye Makeup.
FrostyBlue Honestly guys, I thought I was going to apply this look and think, “well that is a little out there!” But I didn’t! I actually really like it for something even less festive than a New Year’s Eve party. I can totally see myself using this look all spring and summer for a more “dressed up” eye.




Now I am using some pretty high pigmented shadows here, but you could go with some more subtle shades of blue if you want to try it out without committing to too much. Also the darker your skin tone, the more “electric” you can go. The method is pretty easy and I have attached my Beso collection below with the products I used in this tutorial 🙂

FrostyBlueTut The tape trick is amazing. I saw someone do it once and decided to give it a try for this tutorial. I highly recommend it when you are using colors that are really going to stand out. It is kind of like coloring in the lines! And just so you know I actually used a creamy eyeliner pencil for the darker blue color and then smudged it in. I also chose to wear a nude lipstick since I wanted to focus to be on my eyes. I would recommend nude or a light lipgloss.



So there you go! Hope you will find a opportunity to give it a try! XOXO-Christie

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