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Holiday Makeup Tutorials!

With holidays upon us, I was thinking about how this is the time of year you can get away with things that are otherwise a little overboard. Things like Hair tinsel, sparkly red sweaters, and gold EVERYTHING all help to create the fun, festive feeling that makes this time of year so fun. One thing you can really have fun with is eye makeup! So I put together a few tutorials using special eyeliners and shadows that are not your basic browns and blacks! I promise you they will scream Merry Christmas!….Happy New Year!…..Where’s the eggnog? Or whatever else you find yourself screaming this time of year.

coloredeyes Yesterday over at Somewhat Simple I shared my tutorial for a Sultry Silver Eye. The colors in this look are really basic and it will go with every outfit, every skin tone and every shade of eye color.

And if you have been dying to try out red lips but have been unsure about where to begin, try it now! This is the perfect eye to add red lips to AND like I said, it’s the Holidays! No one will wonder why you have red lips on 🙂

So make sure you check out the tutorial for the awesome holiday look including a collection of all the makeup used to achieve the look! And tune in the rest of this week for tutorials on my other two fancy schmancy looks!

Enjoy! You will love this look! XOXO- Christie

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