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Holiday Gift Guide that Gives Back

Oh, the holidays! I have a love-hate relationship with them. I love them because of things like family get-togethers, scrumptious food, and beautiful decorations. I don’t like them so much because some people forget the reason for the season, children get spoiled, & some people go cray-cray! So this holiday season I wanted to create a holiday gift guide that gives back. It just so happens that all these brands are perfect for the fashion/beauty lover in your family! It’s really a win-win if you ask me. 🙂

Holiday Gift Guide that Gives Back

Radiant Cosmetics

I love this company! Love them! They make beautiful, quality products at great prices and are very committed to helping women escape the sex-trafficking industry. The founder, Nicole, has a huge heart for these women and I encourage you to read her story here. It is truly encouraging & inspiring that one woman with a dream can set out and do it.

They also have amazing products. Check out their Ugandan Collection. Two times a year they highlight a different country around the world and an incredible group of women. These women are either survivors or at risk to trafficking and Radiant gets to tell their stories. The Uganda Collection features handmade makeup bags made by women at risk to trafficking. The women whom they’ve partnered with chose beautifully printed Ugandan fabric, helped designed the bag, screen printed the Radiant logo inside and sewed each of these beautiful makeup bags in Jinja, Uganda. Each bag is unique and tells a story.

Stella & Dot

You have most likely heard of & love Stella & Dot. They create beautiful jewelry and I am sure you’ve seen celebrities everywhere sporting a piece or two. It’s that fabulous. Well, Stella & Dot has partnered with Sisters by Heart, an organization of mothers of congenital heart defect children — like Christie, and you can read her story here — to create a beautiful bracelet of which part of the proceeds go to HLHS research & support. Obviously, this is a subject that is really close to Christie’s heart and we’d love it if you checked it out!


I love it when I see retailers also incorporating ways to give back. Obviously Americans spend a lot of money every year and if even a portion of that can go back to those in need, it’s a good thing. You can read about their vision here, but here’s a little more about their charities:

“When you shop at kris&, we give 10% of your purchase to either World Vision’s Micro-enterprise Loans for Women or Compassion2one’s enterprise of freeing children from the sex-slave industry. We selected these two honorable organizations with much thought, love and care. We are thrilled to support their mission of creating safe havens for women to prosper and they embody the core values of kris&”

They have plethora of options & beautiful items to choose from. I’ve had my eye on this watch. Isn’t she gorgeous?

Nakate Project

I feel like I have had a connection with Nakate Project founder, Shanley Knox, since I met her a little over a year ago. She has a heart for the people of Africa and an understanding of different cultures & countries. As an intercultural, interracial family myself, I can relate. But what Shanley does is brilliant. She doesn’t just make money to give to these women. She has set up a program so that these women make money for themselves. She teaches them how to be successful businesswomen. This is not idle support or a hand-out. She is helping these women create a better life for themselves. In her words, they are “using African talent to nourish African growth and development.” Check out their new statement necklaces. LOVE.


It’s simple. Shop, and 5% of all sales go to one of their charity partners involved.  At checkout, you’ll be given the option of which charity you’d like your 5% to go towards. They’ll chronicle the journey of giving on their blog to let you know exactly how your contributions are impacting lives. So if you’re gonna shop, wouldn’t it be nice that some of what you spend goes to help a good cause? Do your research on their programs & decide which option you’d like to get behind. Read a little more of their story here. This striped skirt is to die for!

I really would love it if you checked out these businesses/organizations sometime this weekend. I know they are working to make a different and give back and sometimes that can be discouraging! So even if you can’t purchase anything from them at this time, find them on Twitter or Facebook and show them some love!

Have a great weekend! Don’t get too crazy this Black Friday!

6 Responses to Holiday Gift Guide that Gives Back

  1. christina November 24, 2012 at 3:09 pm #

    these look like awesome products and companies! I can’t wait until we get our giving back programs set up =)

    • Natalia November 25, 2012 at 8:30 am #

      For your company? So cool! Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  2. Heather November 28, 2012 at 2:35 pm #

    I love that Stella & Dot bracelet. So cool!

  3. Heather November 28, 2012 at 2:36 pm #

    I love the stella & dot bracelet. Adore it!

    • Natalia November 28, 2012 at 8:30 pm #

      And for a good cause! Win-win


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