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Copy Cat Closet ~ Boot Cuffs

You guys, I’m alive!!

I just spent the last week of my life on the phone more times than I would cared to have been with web developers, hosting companies, my computer genius brother blah blah blah…

Apparently, I had too much traffic for FatCow (good problem to have!) and I tried to move to their sister company.  They didn’t give me enough space (still too many hits!) and the site was still not working.  I finally upgraded to a higher lever and things were working but I still couldn’t load pictures and update posts. It was a bummer. I was so frustrated, in tears more than once, man it was awful.

But overall, it’s a good problem to have, so many hits you have to get your very own server. And now I am here and I love my hosting site and all is well in my little internet world.  **sigh**

On to Copy Cat Closet this week! I feel so out of the loop since I have been doing internet-wise is trying to get my site working! The last challenge was boot cuffs!  Although we’ve had a massive heat wave this week, I guess I can look and wish…

For the hair, I challenged you to try a different style with your bangs.  I recently did a post on 14 ways to wear your bangs, my challenge was to try one of those.  Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Now it’s your turn! New here and want to be involved? Just put your e-mail in the little box below and you’ll get a weekly e-mail with a style challenge!

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