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Beauty Basics ~ The Manicure

Since I have been covering the basics this week, wardrobe basics, makeup must-haves, and hair products & tools, I thought it was only appropriate to continue Beauty Basics: The Manicure.

It is always so fun to have your nails done.  It adds so much to an outfit or a particular look.  I love getting my nails done because it’s fun & relaxing, but I really can’t afford to do it all the time.  So I have come up with an at-home regime that works for me and I am able to have pretty nails even with two crazy boys running around!

Beauty Basics: The Mani/Pedi Basics

I use everything above almost every time I do my nails.  Here’s my routine:

  • Clean off nails/old polish
  • File down my nails to the length I want and cut down my cuticles.
  • Buff my nails. There are three sides to this buffer. I usually just use the one shown, the blue one.
  • For the base coat I use Nail Magic nail hardener
  • Then apply polish. I usually do two coats.  Leave a little time in between applications so it doesn’t bubble. My favorite polish of late is Wet n Wild Megalast because it really does last!!
  • The top coat I use is Sally Hansen Dry Kwik which also happens to work really well.  My nails are usually dry within 15 minutes!

And that’s it!  I love trying new color combos & sometimes even matching my polish to an outfit.  It’s fun, you control when you change your polish, and it’s less expensive! I also sit down after the boys are in bed and watch TV and change my polish.  I’m relaxing anyway– might as well get a new look from it!

Hope this inspires you to take charge of your manicures and do them yourself more often!  Unless you can afford to go to the salon. Then by all means, go!

2 Responses to Beauty Basics ~ The Manicure

  1. Chasing Joy October 9, 2012 at 7:56 pm #

    I do my own nails form time to time. But I am no good. They always look sloppy. I have to clean polish of of my skin every time. i just don’t have a steady and. Don’t even get me started on panting my toenails.

    • Natalia October 9, 2012 at 11:44 pm #

      I totally understand, I am usually the same way. The wet n wild nail polish has a wider brush which helps me a lot. Other than that, they’re pretty messy at first!

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