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Packing for the Hospital

Ok so for my last post before this baby shows its face (or maybe it already has and I just so happened to have this post ready and scheduled ahead of time!!), I am going to share with you my “Must Have’s” for the hospital. As far as I am concerned, there are two bags that need to be packed… One for Baby and one for Mommy.

Let’s start with Baby (because it is easily the easier one to pack)

First, can I just draw your attention to my new and AMAZING Timi & Leslie diaper bag!! I can’t tell you how stinking excited I am about this bag. It comes with a ton of goodies including that adorable little pouchette for mommy’s important things. So here is what my “Baby Bag” includes:

The following items are for my Pouchette
1. A small wallet/cell phone holder that has insurance cards, ID, Cell Phone and some cash
2. Burt’s Bees Chapstick
3. Gum (because brushing my teeth may take a back burner depending on how my day goes)
4. Cell Phone Charger (not pictured)
The following items are not totally necessary because the hospital will provide them, but I like to always have some in case of an emergency
5. My stinking adorable wet bag from Aqua Seventy6, for anything messy that I will want to wash when I want to get home
6. Diaper Cream
7. Swaddler Diapers
8. Wipes

The following items you will need or possibly need for the ride home
9.  A teeny tiny little outfit….I am not kidding, both of my first two came home in outfits that were too big on them even though they were size NB!
10. Pacifiers (I am a fan, I know not everyone is)
11. A blanket (since it will be hot I am bringing a light weight swaddling blanket this time)

 Now for the Mommy bag 

In a situation like this, where I know I will be distracted by a million other things, I try to keep my hygiene routine very simple. On the flip side there are a bunch of additional things that you will want to have that you may have not known about. So I am going to tell you in all honesty everything I think is necessary for post delivery comfort and healing

The following items are basic toiletries and will depend on your own personal preferences:
1. Face Cleansing Wipes (because I may or may not be getting out of bed to wash my face right after having a baby)
2. Toothbrush and toothpaste (and as I already mentioned, I have gum just in case)
3. Deodorant
4. Shampoo (depending on how long I am there I may or may not be washing my hair)
5. Hand Sanitizer
6. A bag with only my makeup essentials (and can be easily applied whilst lying in bed)
7. My little bobby pin and hair tie holder for quick updos

The following items are, in my mind, very important though some will probably be provided for by the hospital (BUT YOU STILL NEED A STOCK OF THEM AT HOME!!!)
8. Lanolin cream for nursing comfort because those first few days (or even weeks) can be a little rough on your nipples (literally!)
9. Nursing pads for protecting your clothes from the staining effect of colostrum and the lanolin cream (your milk will probably not come in while in the hospital, but it might!)
10. Maternity Pads, which are basically just really big menstrual pads, because….. well, because you will need them. Just trust me…. The hospital will have these and some even carry ones with built in ice packs (This is a good thing!)
11. Tucks pads for soothing pain post delivery. (Just trust me)

The following items are all clothing and comfort. Everyone will have their own style 🙂
12. Cute and comfy pajamas/loungewear for the day(s) following delivery (choose something loose that will be easy to pull up or down for breastfeeding and also something that is a size or two above your norm)
13. A bandeau top in place of a bra (I also have used shelf tanks, nursing bras, and nursing tanks in the past, but I have decided my Bella Band used as a bra will be the most comfortable option and easy to pull down for nursing)
14. A towel for showering (trust me you will want to after delivery)
15. Socks (not pictured) for walking around
16. Cardigan or sweater (for cozy comfort post delivery and easy removal for crazy hormonal changes!)
17. Full coverage panties. You will need these for your “healing”days and while you are wearing crazy big pads 🙂 Just throw them away when done….
18. My own blanket! I like to be cozy and I always want my own blanket when in the hospital! (not pictured)
19. Yoga Pants and cute top for going home (Size up from your normal size, but still cute for all those pictures!)

That’s all I have! I am sure I have missed some things that are MUSTS for some of you. So leave a comment and let us know! I think this is a pretty good list for all you first timers out there that might want a reference on what to bring 🙂 XOXO- Christie


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6 Responses to Packing for the Hospital

  1. Cierra August 22, 2012 at 10:20 am #

    K- my fav part of this was your link to the definition of colostom. That totally cracked me up. You are wonderful! Praying for you and baby B! 

  2. sara August 22, 2012 at 1:39 pm #

    Great post!  I also like to bring lip balm and my own water bottle for labor 🙂  And a charger for my cell phone and of course my camera.

  3. Yvette @ Aqua Seventy6 August 22, 2012 at 9:33 pm #

    I’m over the moon to see you packing one of my wet bags!!!!  You are totally prepared for this baby!  One of my hospital musts are adult diapers. I know it sounds weird, but after struggling and leaking with the hospital’s mamma jamma pads after my first baby, I brought these with my second  and was in heaven!  No leaks! Of course, this was 10 years ago. Maybe the hospital pads have improved since then!  

  4. Donna August 22, 2012 at 9:52 pm #

    Great post, Christie. I giggled after reading #17…..I did just that! xo

  5. Mary Koertje August 23, 2012 at 1:51 pm #

    For some reason i am unable to read your blog..the sign up (which i already have and the twitter is covering up the information??

    • Natalia August 27, 2012 at 11:56 am #

      That’s weird, we haven’t seen that problem before. Where are you reading it? On a regular computer? Gosh I don’t even know what the problem is, try another device maybe? Let me know if it keeps happening. Sorry about that!

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