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37 Weeks Pregnant and Stripes

Well ladies, I am 37 weeks! And I know that horizontal stripes can be considered a no-no or unflattering. But I have this dress and I really like it, and it is a perfect summer dress. So I thought “whatever! I will see what I can do with it….” and you know what? I really liked it on! Sometimes I think we listen too much to the fashion “rules” and miss out on some really cute things. If I only wore my “colors”, avoided fashion “no nos”, or second guessed everything I wore, I would never have worn some of my favorite, most complimented looks! So here you have:

37 Weeks Pregnant and Stripes!???

Dress- Target, Bandeau- Bella Band, Belt- Hollister (OLD!), Shoes- Steve Madden

And just by way of comparison, here is a shot a me wearing this dress at the end of first trimester. It’s been the prefect non maternity option I would say!

XOXO- Christie


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