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Archive | April, 2012

Rachelle Ball Art & a Giveaway!

I mentioned yesterday on Facebook that I was so excited about today’s giveaway.  Maybe it is because I entirely lack in any artistic/painting/drawing abilities and therefor are in complete awe of people who do posess them.  Rachelle does.  Trust me.  And when I say I am in complete awe of […]

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Big Sexy Beach Curls

Have you seen the wave of big sexy curls hairstyles and tutorials that come around right around this time of year?  Well, I wanted to do my take on it.  Because you can never go wrong with big hair and well, I want to be sexy too.  Because my hair […]

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2nd Trimester Style

I am continuing my pregnancy challenge….NO MATERNITY CLOTHES! I probably should say that if you do not know much about me, this is my third pregnancy. I have worn maternity clothes throughout both my past pregnancies, which is why I wanted to challenge myself this time. Why not, right!? I […]

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A Day in the Life- A Bachelorette

I don’t know about other mom’s out there, but I honest to God do not remember what it was actually like before kids. I remember when I first had my daughter I would think about the freedom I felt before having her. But now, I couldn’t even imagine it if […]

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Day in the Life… Link up!

I still live my life like a college student, in semesters.  A month from yesterday I will be on an airplane heading to the states for the summer.  Which means I have to pack up my entire house, all my clothes, all my kids clothes, but still leave enough out […]

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Hunger Games Hair – The Katniss Braid

Unlike many of you, I have not read The Hunger Games Trilogy.  (There are 3, right?)  I was dissappointed not to read the books first, as I think the books are always better than the movies, but living in France I don’t have access to English books very often.  I […]

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