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Reader Question – Family Photo Shoot Style

Good morning everyone!  Today I have something kinda fun today.  One of our dear readers, Katie, contacted us for a little help on her family photo shoot coming up in a couple weeks.  Katie is married and has two beautiful daughters which made it fun for me to style since I only have boys!  Here is a little of how Katie described what she wanted for their shoot:

I want something with a vintage feel. I’d like for each of us to “go together” but not match.  I love mason jars with candles, rough natural things like barn wood paired with a sparkle of jewels, and sweet little wild flowers.

That was enough for me to take off and run with!!  Let’s start with my ideas for Katie.  What I got from her e-mail was that she wanted fancy-vintage or glamour-country if you will.  I immediately thought that a lacey, frilly skirt would be perfect.  She could pair it with a plain, fitted T and a lovely statement necklace.  I think heals would be cute, but you could easily swap them out for boots if that was more comfortable.  Below are some options I put together using Polyvore.

My personal favorite is the middle one, I love color.  And how cute would this be when you incorporate the rest of the family using the same colors?  I love it.  For her hair I was thinking big sexy curls, swept to one side and a pretty flower or something on the side with less hair.
For her little girls, I was thinking something along  the line of cute lace pants with a ruffle top.  Or cute tutus with a plain top, like their mama but instead of a statement necklace, embellished with some handmade flowers and a super cute headband.   I found this picture and thought something like this would be perfect.  I absolutely love the lace pants, so cute!! And the headband would be perfect!  (this picture is linked to the original source, you can pin it from there!)
Now lastly, for the husband.  Katie informed me that he is a jeans kinda guy, so I thought it would be perfect to wear a vest, bow tie or tie tied loosely, a newsboy cap and his favorite pair of jeans.  It’s perfect because he is still comfortable, but definitely goes with the shoot.  I found an absolutely perfect picture to match what I was thinking, then went away from it and haven’t been able to find it again since!
Now for the overall look for the shoot.  Katie sounded to me like she wanted a blend between rustic and glamour, which I love.  I was thinking some rustic furniture with lace thrown in.  Mason jars with some wild flowers.  Maybe adding ribbon in the color that they choose and painting the mason jars.  I found this picture and liked the way this photo shoot was set up.  It’s pretty rustic, but you could easily add a little femininity and it would be perfect. (once again, the picture is linked to the original source, so if you must pin it, please pin it from there!)
So there you have it!  I can’t wait to see the way her family photos turn out, I know they are going to be fabulous!  Maybe we’ll even share some with you here!  Oh and if you have any advice to add, I am sure Katie would love to hear it!
Do you have a question for us or want help/advice on something?  Please, write!  We love hearing from you!
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