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The Lovely Sponsors Of Ma Nouvelle Mode pt2

Meet Gina from Oaxacaborn.  She has a super fun blog as well as an etsy shop where she sells whimsical children’s items.

What is your favorite “go to” hairstyle? – Now that I have thick bangs and long hair, I’m really happy just straightening out my bangs and then letting the rest of my semi-wavy hair air dry. Living in a humid climate also means I usually need to a

dd a touch of product to keep the frizz at bay. (In interest of full disclosure, yes, on some days, I put my hair up in a bun. Hey, can I call it a “top knot” to seem cooler?)
What do you love about blogging? The original draw for me was the words…a place to write, a place to let my thoughts be free. Now I love that I can connect with people around the world while keeping in touch with my family and friends who are, quite literally, scattered all across the globe.
If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?I think I’m going to be a spoilsport on this question and say….no one! The grass is always greener; it’s easy to be envious of someone else’s life, not realizing the struggles hidden to the public eye. But I love the life God’s chosen for me, and can honestly say I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Meet Rebecca from My Girlish Whims . She has a sweet blog about crafting, jewelry and life! She also has an etsy shop where you can buy beautiful handmade jewelry.

What is your Favorite “go to” hairstyle?– Pretty curls! Pop on some hot rollers and let um bounce around 🙂
What do you love about blogging? Being inspired by other blogger and all the creativity shared in blog land.
If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?- Hmmm this very hard.  I’ll sayyy Rachel McAdams. I just think she is so gorgeous and such a great actress! 

Meet Jana from Giggle, Glitz & Glam. She blogs about crafts, relationships and life and she also has an etsy shop where she sells adorable items for babies!

What is your Favorite “go to” hairstyle?- I’m boring. I wear my hair the same way EVERY single day. If it’s bothering me it’s straight to a ponytail. I wish I could do more, but figuring out how to style my hair seems like a real pain in the bootay! If I’m feeling extra lazy I’ll wear it curly/wavy.

What do you love about blogging?- Speaking my mind. I love to speak my mind anyway so blogging gives me an excellent avenue to do so. Not to mention I like sharing about my life so I can do it and people can choose whether they want to read about it or not.

If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?- Some celebrity who has everything done for them. If someone would do my hair & makeup every day I’d look pretty good. Not to mention I might work out if I had a personal trainer in my home. Oh and a cook & maid would be glorious!!

Meet Christina from Tico&Tina. She has an awesome blog about life, love, family and all things creative! 

What is your favorite “go to” hairstyle?– my go-to hairstyle used to be a very boring/ugly ponytail, but since I decided not to cut my hair super short last year like I had planned, I had to start doing something else so as not to feel so incredibly frumpy all the time. I’ve always been a bit of a dolt at hair and never wanted to bother with it, but 2012 is the year of the new me, so I branched out and came up with this funny little up-do that works well with hair scarves, which I have always adored. ponytails are now a thing of the past for me!

What do you love about Blogging?- I love anything and everything creative, so for me, blogging is one of my favorite creative outlets because it has the potential to combine a bunch of different things I enjoy. the possibilities really are endless!

If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?- honestly, the only person I think I would even marginally want to trade places with is the younger me. if I did that I would take all my current experience and maturity and believe in myself enough to start chasing hard after my creative dreams much, much earlier than I did. I am growing into who God made me to be, and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

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2 Responses to The Lovely Sponsors Of Ma Nouvelle Mode pt2

  1. Alyx April 6, 2012 at 11:50 am #

    They really are all pretty amazing!! 🙂

  2. Kelly April 6, 2012 at 12:49 pm #

    Christina girl!!!  I SO would LOvE to see what the younger me would have done with what I know now!!!