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Archive | February, 2012

House Hunter’s International

If you weren’t already aware, my husband, boys and I are going to be on House Hunter’s International on HGTV.  I wasn’t sure if I should share the time and date of the show with everyone because honestly, I am embarrassed.  I know that it is television and they can make […]

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Avoiding Maternity Clothes

So my main clothing concern in the first trimester was being comfortable. I don’t know why, but I can’t stand anything heavy or tight when I am newly pregnant. I know it’s weird since I was not showing yet so everything should feel the same, but it didn’t. Tight clothes […]

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And so I am in California…

And I thought I wouldn’t be writing any more traveling posts for a while  Well, as it turns out I must be crazy and I decided to do it again.  With both boys.  By myself.  International flight.  Why don’t we back up a bit, it’s kinda a cool story… So […]

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Oversized Rustic Paper Flower Tutorial

Ok guys, here it is! Just as promised. If you missed my previous post about the baby shower I hosted, go check it out so you can see how amazing these flowers can look as a backdrop! So the first step is to go to Trader Joe’s a million times […]

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St Patrick’s Day Recipe

I’m thrilled that once again Natalia invited me to share a recipe.  My name is Tracy and I love to cook!  On Tracy Cooks it Right, I share quick, light, and easy recipes, hoping to convince people that it is not hard to eat healthy. With the ever-popular St. Patrick’s […]

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Spring Trends I’m Looking Forward To

Well the sun finally showed her beautiful face this last week in beautiful France and I was so excited.  It is funny something as small as the weather can change your attitude so drastically!  I would be a complete wreck if I had to live in Alaska.  Oh goodness, that […]

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Every Day is a New Adventure!

Hey there, readers of Ma Nouvelle Mode! My name is Alyx, and I blog over here. I’m just tickled pink to get to know all of you and tell you a little bit about myself and my little corner of the internet. Let me start of by showing you who […]

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A Belated Valentines Day Post

Well,  I will be honest, we are still kind of in a fog after Charley’s surgery. It seems the more he heals the more miserable he is getting! So I am sitting here still in my pajamas watching Disney’s Enchanted (what can I say, my son likes musicals!) and writing […]

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Let’s recap this year…

Welp, it’s been a year.  A whole year since I have had this little bloggy blog.  And quite honestly, I am no less excited about it as when I first started.  It has been the most amazing journey, opened up doors I didn’t even know existed, and made friends from […]

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