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Archive | July, 2011

My Marriage Advice

My husband and I are celebrating 4 looong, glorious years of marriage today.  And because 4 years of marriage is more than most Hollywood couples, I feel like I am qualified to give everyone marriage advice.  So here you go.  🙂 1.) Wives, learn to cook.  Didn’t your momma ever […]

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What I Wore Wednesday

As you might know from Monday’s post, we just got back from a super awesome vacation.  I had so much fun and most of all, my boys loved every second of it.  And that makes me happy.  But, between piles of laundry for 4 people, recovering from not the greatest […]

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No Heat Summer Curls

So, I have been trying to find ways to have my hair look cute this summer with as little effort on my part as possible.  It’s hot, we’re busy, and I don’t have a ton of time (let alone do I want to) sit in the bathroom and do my […]

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Home Sweet Home…

Aaaaaannnnnnddddd relaxxxx…. We just got home from Yosemite last night and I am glad to be home.  But what a week.  I don’t have pictures just yet, but I cannot wait to show you.  We got some good ones. Some highlights… We swam in the ice cold water and loved […]

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A Healthy Challenge!

Hi Beauties! How are you today? I hope you are fabulous. Natalia is so so sweet for having me guest post today and I can’t thank her enough. Let me introduce myself: I am Suzzie and this is my sweet husband Zac. Now that you see us, I am sure […]

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Inspiration with Gussy Sews

Today I am linking up (going to try to link up, I’m still in Yosemite!) with Gussy at Gussy Sews for her inspiration workshop.  I have only done a few of her prompts, but they are so fun and honestly, sometimes I need a little prompt!  So today it was what […]

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From Tracy’s Kitchen ~ Zucchini Bread

I have a special treat for you today!  And it really is special.  My friend Tracy over at Tracy Cooks it Right is going to share on of her fabulous recipes today!  And like I have mentioned before, they are goooood.  The best part about them are that they are […]

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Is your life moving too fast?

I don’t know about all of you, but sometimes life just moves too fast.  We take vacations but busy ourselves with so many things we need to see and do on vacation that we need to rest when we come back!  America, specially California, specifically Los Angeles, moves at a […]

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Baby Girls’ Clothes are so much Cuter!

On Friday, my niece turned one.  One year ago Friday (actually Thursday, it was a long labor!) I was driving down to Fallbrook to meet my precious little niece.  It is weird how even after having my own kids, Emma can hold such a huge piece of my heart.  I […]

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Texas or California?

So my husband and I have been thinking about buying a house in the near future.  After talking finances the other day we decided that we are on a 2 to 3 year plan.  This is a lot of money to save and we know we might have to live […]

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