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We Won!

So this is kinda fitting seeing that I just wrote about being married to a basketball player yesterday.  I am sure all those girlfriends and wives of athletes can relate to this.  Their games are so much more than just a game.  Sure the crowd is cheering along and would love for them to win.  But if they don’t, they go home and get on with their lives.  We, however, go home to a husband who is bummed out and having to think through how this affects his next week at ‘work.’  I have heard of teams that get fined if they loose, but our coach’s particular poison is practice.  If you loose, you practice harder and longer and more often.  Which means a very tired, worn out husband.  So winning takes on a whole new meaning to us women who live this crazy life.  And I have met a few in bloggy land. (hey guys!)

So last night was an incredible game.  They were playing the number one team in the leauge and were winning most of the time.  Then toward the end there were some guys who can’t play defense (we won’t call any names here *cough* jorge *cough* ben)  and of course my husband had to pick up the slack and fouled out.  So we are down by 2 with 14 seconds to go.  The ball is being passed around and everyone is stressed.  Especially me.  This entire time I am praying/thinking ‘Okay Lord.  I know you can do this, I know you can get this win for us.  But I also know that if you don’t, you are still a good and perfect God.  And why would you when in this entire stadium there are probably 4 people who might give you glory, myelf and Lavar included.  Why does this little game matter.’  And then I thought, ‘maybe just to show you, Natalia.’  And then the ball was passed outside to Seb who had missed the last game winning 3 point shot, and BAM!  He hit it.  With 2.6 seconds to go he hit the short and we were up by 1.  WHAT!  Praise the Lord.  To seal the deal, someone got fouled and we won by 3.  It was like God spoke directly to me.  ‘I care about the things that matter to you, Natalia.  I care about the things that I gave you a passion for.  You matter to me.’  It was an incredible epiphany and I learned a valuable lesson.  Although God doesn’t have to and won’t always win games for us, He ultimately wants what is best for us.  And I feel like He thought it was best last night to give me a reassuring ‘hug’ in a sense of His ultimate, never-ending love.  And what a way to learn a lesson!

Sorry for the long post with no pictures!!  I wanted to take one and then got caught up in all the excitment.  But praise the Lord we won and Happy Easter to everyone!


4 Responses to We Won!

  1. MiMi April 23, 2011 at 9:30 pm #

    Have a blessed Easter, girl. 🙂

  2. Nicole April 24, 2011 at 12:50 am #

    Congrats! And have a fabulous Easter!

  3. Andrea . Charcoal and crayons April 24, 2011 at 1:37 pm #

    Congratulations! Sounds like an exciting game!

  4. Jennifer April 26, 2011 at 5:34 am #

    Congrats on a great win! And great sermon!! 😉