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I heart Family

Today was a good day.  Today I got to see my parents who {whom?} I haven’t seen in 5 or 6 months.  I love my parents.  My mom is my best friend.  It is so good to have them here and I love that my mom brought American sweets, and tons of magazines, and stuff for crafting projects!!  So beeee sure to stay tuned for some stuff in the future, I can’t stinkin’ wait!

But since she just got here and I have spent the last 3 or four days cleaning and organizing my house I don’t really have anything interesting at the moment.  I do, however, have this outfit.  It was perfect for running around the house, cleaning, quick trip to the park, and picking up my parents.  A serious bummer was that I had a totally cute necklace to go with it, but when I was cleaning this morning, my hand got caught on it and IT BROKE.  Ugh. Like the biggest bummer ever, had a little meltdown, a few tears, a little pouty session, almost giving up on any fashion ever, while my awesome husband sits there trying to fix it {even though he knows I am being ridiculous} and then I was back at it. 

Once again, my 3-year-old took these.  I need to upgrade because he is getting pretty tired of it all.  That is why the one above to the left is blurry on the bottom.  I had to sit it on a car and take it because he was done.
Buuuut because my mommy is in town, she has an awesome camera! Maybe I can snag some pics from that one…. hhmmm
I thought I would throw in there a pic of our little Frenchie home.  You know the house where you are like ‘who lives there??’  Ya.  We live there.
And I thought I would put these pics of my makeup I did today that took me all of 10 minutes, foundation and all.  I have a crooked smile.  I am just noticing this with all these pictures of myself.  Which I need to delete from my computer.  If someone looked on my computer they would think I was sooooo vain.  But I’m not.  I swear. 
Oh, and I forgot to mention!  My favorite cousin {sssshhhh, don’t tell!} is here visiting with her mom!  So I have my parents, my aunt, and my cousin!  Whoop whoop!  She is super cute and fashionable and I am thinking maybe I could snag some pics of her this weekend…
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