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I am loving this Wednesday!

I am soooo loving today.  Here is why ~
1.  The weather is like California weather!  It is bee-u-t-iful today!  Around this time it can be, maybe usually snowing in France, and it is gorgeous.  I didn’t even need a jacket today.
2. I am loving my outfit for today and my 30×30 challenge.  I am stoked for the remainder {I am aware I might not always feel that way!}.  It is forcing me to think outside the box and actually get dressed for the day.  Where before I would throw on jeans and a t-shirt and not think about being cute, instead I ‘threw’ on this {it was the second outfit, I am not a great planner!}
You’ll have to excuse the super-white, pasty legs.  They haven’t seen the sun in, like, months.
3. I super duper loved the outfit.  I also loved that because I loved it, I didn’t/don’t care if anyone else does!  That is a big step for this people pleaser!
And my husband was loving that I wore a skirt!  Doesn’t happen often for this mom of two boys!

4. My family is coming in 2 days!!!!  Then we are going to Switzerland for a few days. I miss the fam bam and can’t wait to see them. And Switzerland is always fun too!
5. And the weather again.  Isn’t it interesting how the weather can have such an effect on our moods?
Once again, my son took these  pics.  They are not the greatest but he was so interested in throwing rocks off the waterfall that pictures were just not that fun.  But hey, he is my trooper, he took ’em!
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