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And so it begins…

I am starting my 30×30 today. Today, folks.  I am a little nervous. I must be honest.  I had a tough time picking what I would want in the 30 because I don’t know what I might feel like in three weeks or something.  But it is going to be good for me.  Because I don’t mix my clothes that much, I will rewear like the same things. So this will help me think out of the box and be able to create some new outfits.
Shirt – H&M {gift from husby} pants – million years old from Gap, shoes – Nordstrom rack, belt – million years old, bracelet – H&M, scarf – gift, earrings – ??

So there it is.  My first outfit of the 30×30!! {if you don’t know what that is, click on the link in the first paragraph and check it out!}  Once again, my 3-year-old was my photographer. It is kinda fun having him do it, really less intimidating.  As long as he gets my head in the pic.  But then they sometimes look more natural too. 

Oh and pre-warning ~ my outfits will not be fancy!  I threw in some skirts to make myself do it a few times, but overall, I am still a stay at home mom and sometimes skirts are impractical (is that a word?) 

Whaddya think??  Feedback is always appreciated!

Aaaaannd because I was so inspired by all the lovely bloggers out there to start my 30×30 outfit posts, I linked up with Eisy Morgan

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