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Ma Nouvelle Mode

Hello all!

My name is Natalia.  I am a wife of the hottest man I know and mother of two awesome little monsters.  Except, I am not here to talk about them.  As much as I love my life as mommy and wife, I need something for me.  Since having my first baby almost 4 years ago, I feel like I have lost touch of who I am, what it means to be cute and confident.  And trust me, I used to be confident! 

I want to discover cute clothes and fashions and makeup that work for me.  I was to be brave and daring in what I do and wear something because I think it is cute, not because my husband does or because I hope someone else will.  I want to develop a sense of what is me.

Selfish?  Maybe.  But I actually feel like I can give back more to my family with a small little outlet here.  And help me be a better wife and mother by exuding confidence and not worrying about everyone else. 

Also, just a little peak into who I am.  I have drive like no other.  I want to conquer the world!  My husband calls me Brain, you know, from Pinky and the Brain Brain Brain Brain  You know the song, don’t you. Okay, I’m a dork, you’ll figure that out too along the way!  Anywho, you know the part from the show where Pinky says “what do you want to do today, Brain?”  And Brain always answers “the same thing we do everyday, Pinky.  Try to take over the world!!”  I have so many things I want to do with my life.  I want to own a business, I want to work, I want to be successful, I want to be cute.  At this point in my life right now, I can’t, and that is okay, so I am writing for an outlet and also to store away my creative ideas for when I can do them! 

So if I haven’t already bored you, scared you, or you are not just plain weirded out, stick around!  I would love to hear from you! 

Ma Nouvelle Mode is French for My New Style

3 Responses to Ma Nouvelle Mode

  1. Jenn February 23, 2011 at 7:36 pm #

    I found your blog through the Put Your Face On linky party. I look forward to reading your blog 🙂 I agree that it is easy to loose ourselves in being a wife and mom and forget about what makes us 'us'! Selfish? No, I think it will make our marriages better and give a better example to our children.

  2. Natalia Lynn February 23, 2011 at 8:29 pm #

    Jenn, you are so nice, thank you! I agree with what you said about being a mom and wife. Thanks for the support!

  3. LeahJo November 10, 2011 at 6:54 pm #

    Hi! Found your blog…uh not sure, I would have to close this box and work my way back to see where! lol. But I'm glad I found it.
    You sound pretty down to earth, and love how you say you need something for yourself.
    We, moms, do need something for ourselves, so good luck, I will be following along!!

    Leah 🙂