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What I Wore

Fashion is actually something that I struggle with. When I find an outfit that is comfortable, practical and cute, I usually wear it too much. I don’t stretch myself outside of my box as often as I should because I go with what’s easy to throw on in the morning. However, lately, I have been giving it a little bit more of a thought in the mornings and I’m finding that a little creativity goes a long way. Usually when I put in a little extra effort, I love my outfits and I feel better about myself all day.

So instead of showing you things like 9 ways to wear a chambray — which I still love to do and will continue to do from time to time — today I am going to show you the real life outfits that I wore throughout the week. You can follow me on Instagram where I post some of them.

What I Wore

what I wore half tuck army shirt

Combat Booties // Joe’s Jeans // army shirt // cardigan // knit scarf

This is a good example of what I was talking about. I am not wearing a stitch of makeup here which I usually don’t like to document but I still felt cute and put together! I have had this army shirt for a year or two and I just couldn’t quite figure out how to wear it. The half-tuck is key to making this work, and with a cardigan & my combat boots, I really like how it came together!

what I wore - french shirt

combat booties // black jeans // Fantastique Shirt // Belt (similar)

Another outfit that took no time at all to put together yet I felt was pretty cute! I also hadn’t really figured out how to wear this shirt, it’s a little long and I was always pairing it with normal jeans. I just love the way it looks with the black and brown together!

What I wore leopard skirt

booties // tights // leopard skirt // black long sleeve shirt

This is the photo that started me posting more outfits on Instagram. Even though I didn’t bother with my hair or makeup for the day, I still got dressed nice. It’s really so amazing how such a little act can brighten your day! Personally I feel more confident and ready to get more done. This is why I am posting my outfits. I might not be the most stylish person out there, you might not want to pin everything I post, but I’m an everyday girl just like you. I have kids and a husband and a job and groceries and all that jazz. But even in the midst of it all, we can still look great. #justsayin

what I wore pink pants

Booties // pink pants // blue blouse // blue blazer // scarf (same brand)

I love this scarf. And it goes really well with these pants! I haven’t worn them in a while, but they are a fun pop of much needed color in the cold, rainy (for us) winter! I love the way they go with blue and my blue blazer was a perfect fit.

You know what else? It’s actually funny, but there’s something to posting your outfits on Instagram. I mean, I work at home and drop my kids off at school, run errands, and do very normal things. One might think I have no reason to look nice or worry about my appearance. But I have found that when I take time to look nice, I feel better and my day goes better! Posting to Instagram is kinda like a “hey – I did it! I got dressed today!”

And if you don’t post it, did it really happen? ;)

If you don’t want to post outfits on Instagram, maybe that’d be a fun thing to try with a good group of girlfriends. Snap a picture and share with a few friends for encouragement. And if sweats was all you could muster for the day, good girlfriends will be there to tell you that you look hot anyway!!

Do you get dressed during the week or just for something fancy?

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