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Two weeks ago I was in New York City for BlogHer 15. They always have such an amazing conference and some really cool opportunities as well. I got to hear Gwyneth Paltrow speak and she seemed pretty down-to-earth for a movie star. And this year I got the chance to do a screening of the new TV show series called Grandfathered!

Grandfathered on FOX

I know most of you know who John Stamos is from his Full House years. And even though I never really watched that show, I still know who he is. It also stars Joshua Peck from Drake and Josh fame. I am going to be completely honest, I didn’t know who he was. My kids weren’t old enough at the time of that show to have watched it so naturally I just didn’t hear about it!

But Josh was there at the screening of Grandfathered to answer questions, and let me tell you, he was funny! I was very impressed that he wasn’t merely present, but he engaged the audience, standing in front of everyone telling jokes and making us laugh. He got out of his seat and really got into it. It was like a mini stand-up comedy session!

Josh Peck in Grandfathered

So let me tell you about the show a bit. John Stamos plays a handsome bachelor and restaurant owner. He is used to being the most suave, most handsome and most single guy in the room. And John plays his character (Jimmy Martino) really well. Because, of course, he’s super handsome and I guess he’s older (because he sure doesn’t look like it!).

Life is going great for Jimmy until a young man with a super cute little girl walk into his restaurant one night and give him some news that changes his life – he’s not only a dad, but a grandfather! His son, Gerald, and his granddaughter, Edie, enter into his life and now he has to figure out how it all can work out.

I have only seen the pilot, but I love it already! I love that it’s a family show. It is appropriate (as far as I’ve seen) for kids. It has John Stamos who is great for the adult viewers who already know and love him. And Josh Peck is perfect for the younger viewers who loved him from Drake and Josh! The little girl that plays Edie (it’s actually twins, just like Full House!) is A.DORABLE. I mean, so stinking cute.

I got to grab a picture with Josh and he was honestly so super sweet and funny the whole time.

Joshua Peck in Grandfathered

You’ll definitely want to catch this show starting in the fall! You can find it on FOX premiering Tuesday 9/29 at 8/7c. It’s a great laugh full of fun for the whole family! You can also check out more about Grandfathered on their official site or their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google+.

You can check out the trailer here:

Hope you like it as much as I do!

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