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My everyday Makeup Routine

So lately I’ve been spending more time over on YouTube and I kinda love it. It’s pretty similar to blogging and yet totally different at the same time. It’s fun to have another creative outlet. Since purchasing my Mac laptop in July, I’ve been having a ton of fun editing videos too. I still have a ton to learn, but the fact that I’m learning at all is good with me!

Anyway, there are a lot of ‘get ready with me’ or ‘my everyday makeup routine’ type videos which are really super cute and creative and I thought I’d join in! Today I’m sharing my everyday makeup tutorial with ya’ll. It’s simple, obviously, it’s for everyday! I don’t really where it everyday (as you can see here) because I don’t really wear makeup everyday. That would be just too much (for me)! But when I’m feeling a little crappy and want a pick me up, this is the look I go for!

My Everyday Makeup Routine

easy everyday makeup routine

Here’s what I used:

Phew, that looks like a lot, oh my gosh! I promise, I’m not vain and this does not happen everyday. This is my “I want to look put together not like a zombie” face. And although it doesn’t take long, this is not my 5 minute face.

As I mentioned, I put together a little tutorial, if you will, even with screaming kids in the background. Hey, it’s what you’ve gotta do as a work-at-home mom of crazy boys. They were playing, by the way, not screaming for their lives. Although I must admit, sometimes it’s hard to tell…

You can watch my everyday makeup routine here and I’d love it if you subscribed to my channel. I have a new hair tutorial every Friday and I will have another video every Tuesday (that’s the plan). It’s a fun way to connect and another creative outlet for me! I hope you enjoy it!

I recently asked on my Facebook why you like reading Ma Nouvelle Mode. Like, why do you come here & read & what brings you back? It’s obviously a very fun creative outlet for me, but I want to make sure that my readers enjoy what I’m putting out there! So leave a comment with your opinion! And I promise, I’m a pretty tough girl, feel free to be honest! (but still nice :) if you can!)

Have a great day!

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