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Hanging Lace Braid

I am so excited to not only share a pretty hair tutorial with you today, but also a fun collaboration!

I met hair blogger/vlogger Lori a little while ago, it think on Instagram. Well, she’s kinda huge on Instagram now because she shares all these beautiful hairstyles everyday. Mostly on her daughters, but occasionally on herself as well. We thought it would be fun to share a similar hair tutorial but her doing it on her daughter and me doing it on myself! That way you can do the same type of thing but choose the method and style that works for you.

Here’s the style I did.

hanging french lace braid

Now I have never been good at coming up with names for different styles that I do, and I have been calling this one a ‘hanging lace braid.’ Not sure if that title exactly fits, but we’re going with it! It’s actually very easy & I know you can do it. It also doesn’t require any heat or curling which is perfect for the summer into fall.

hanging lace braid

My earrings are Nickel & Suede and are the best earrings ever. They look like they’d be heavy & annoying, but they are so comfortable you could sleep in them. Stay tuned tomorrow for a little something special involving them!

lace braid

Lori’s braid is actually not a braid at all, but an easy way to have the hair appear as you’ve braided it but actually not. You’ll have to head over to check it out! You can also check out Lori’s YouTube Channel where she shares a lot of the styles & find her hanging out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

lace braid

I know you guys will love her as much as I do, she’s such a sweet, awesome person and she’s of course great at hair. She also is in a competition right now and I know we could help her out! She has made it into the next big YouTuber competition and she needs votes! Head over here to vote for her!

Now I’m sure you’re ready to see how I did this hairstyle! I’ve got the video below for your convenience! If you want to check out my YouTube channel, you can head over there and subscribe. There are some videos that I post over at YouTube that I don’t post on the blog, so subscribe for updates! Then go check out how Lori did her style on her daughter!


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