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Chapter 11 – Our Love Story

I have been rather inconsistent in writing my story! I actually had to go back and read where I left off. I’ll write a tad of that here but if you want the whole story here’s the chapters:

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven

And quick question – would if I put this story into a book? Refined it, added more details and made it a real life book? Or maybe a book for Kindle. Would anyone be interested in that? It’s getting rather long! lol!


Continuing from where I left off last time…

Until one night. I was sound asleep when my phone rang. It was a mutual friend, Rick.

Me: “Heellloo?” In a groggy, sleepy voice.

Rick: “Have you talked to DM? He talked to his dad earlier this evening and no one has seen him since! I’m coming over.”

Oh my gosh, what happened? I knew that his relationship with his dad was a little shaky. I knew that it had been a little hard recently but I hadn’t talked to him in a couple months, I had no clue! Of course I didn’t know where he was! But being woken up in the middle of the night by a friend about the man that you care about — that was scary. I got dressed and went down stairs and waited.

At this time I was living in a house with 7 other girls. It might not have been the brightest idea, that many girls in such close quarters, but it was still a fun experience. My roommate was my best friend Lauren. Thankfully, she was in the bed next to me sleeping that night and heard my phone ring and me answer it.

After what seemed like a lifetime but was really probably only 5 minutes, there was a knock on the door. I rushed over and opened it. Rick was there, but wait… what?

As I opened the door a trail of guys filed in behind him. With each guy I took a step back and a step back. Then at the very end of the line was him. Delivery Man standing there with a little smirk on his face.

Wait, what? Had I been played? You mean he has been fine this whole time and now he’s right here? I didn’t know what to feel, I was shocked. He came over and held me as I slowly dropped to the ground. Remember, I had just been woken up out of a deep sleep.

It turns out I had been played and I was a part of a big revenge plot that I had no clue about. The other girls in the house had a rivalry going on with these guys and had pranked them earlier on. Well, as we learned that night, it’s not wise to prank a group of college boys.

But I didn’t care. I was sitting there with DM while the guys ransacked the house. It was literally me and him sitting on a little chair just talking while there was a whirlwind of chaos going on around us. Cereal boxes being emptied all over, clothes being taken out of dressers, even taking tires off of a car. I generally heard some noise in the background, but after we had been forbidden to see each other, this was the only moment I could steal away to be with him. And it was great.

Then the razing was over and he had to go. All the boys filed out, the damage was done, and their work there was finished. It was the middle of the night now and I had to be up early to go to work. But those simple moments with him were enough to get me through with the little sleep I was gonna get.

But it turns out not everyone in the house had such a lovely evening. As I lay there trying to sleep all I could hear was the girls cleaning up the horrible mess. No regard for people who had lives to tend to the next day. Vacuums going, girls talking, walking up and down the stairs. Ya, no sleep was going to happen for me that night.

I walked out of the room to ask them to stop.

“Seriously you guys? I have to work in like 3 hours! Could you keep it down?”

“Well, if it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be in this mess!! I can’t believe that you let them in. I mean seriously, whose side are you on?”

“What? I didn’t let them in! I was knocked out sleeping and Rick woke me up with a phone call! I had no idea what they were doing! Ask Lauren, she was there.”

They believed me, but they were still mad. It didn’t bode well for our relationship in general. I knew they had a feud going on, but I had no idea what the guys were plotting and no clue they were going to use my heart strings as a way to enter the house.

Life went on. We still were banned from seeing each other and talking. We’d steal away a phone call now and again but that was about it. I dated other guys because that’s what I did, but none of them came close to DM. It was almost like a waist of time except I’d get a free dinner and a movie from time to time so I figured it paid off.

The basketball season was coming to a close. I knew I was going to be able to talk with him soon, but I had no clue what would happen. Would he want to be with me? Was he even interested? I was anxious about it, and that way I knew how to deal with that was to keep busy.

So when a friend, an old volleyball coach and now my boss (I coached volleyball and he owned the club I coached), asked if I wanted to go to Vegas, I thought ‘Sure! Why not!’ DM had a game and if they lost it would be his last game. But I was certain they wouldn’t lose and that I still wouldn’t be able to see him. So why wait around, right?

This friend was completely plutonic for me. I am not sure if he felt the same way, but in my head we were just friends. Off to Vegas we go. It started off great. We were enjoying myself, I gambled with his money and won $300, we had a lovely dinner, it was nice. Definitely helped take my mind off DM. Then, on the second night there, my phone rang. It was him. They had lost the game and he wanted to see me and I was in Vegas with another dude.


to be continued…

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