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How to Choose your Skin Care in Your 30′s

As you guys know, I’m on a little vacay over in Eastern Europe this week! In an effort of keeping things running smoothly around here I’ve got Audrey from Vain Pursuits talking about skin care for you today! Don’t worry, I know you’ll love it! Because skincare in your 30′s can be kinda tricky! So when she suggested the article it to me, I totally jumped at the chance because basically I wanted that information too!! I hope you’ll love it. I’ll be here sporadically throughout the week, with a love story installment on Thursday & hairstyles on Friday so no worries! Read on and show Audrey some love!

Is there anything more frustrating than finding a good skincare product? Between family, work, and a social life, doing the research to find out exactly what’s causing those fine lines or adult acne probably ranks low on your list of priorities. Sure, wandering through a department or drugstore gives you choices, but you’ll never know if they work unless you invest in a whole jar to try it out. Even then, products can be sneaky: the packaging may be pretty, but the texture is way off; the ingredients might be perfect, but the scent is way too strong! Making time for proper skincare gets even harder when you enter your 30’s.

How to Choose your Skin Care in your 30′s

skin care in your 30's

Turning 30 is made out to be a pretty huge deal. It’s the ultimate transition from youth to adulthood. But 30 isn’t only a social transition – it’s a skin transition, too. Collagen (you know, the stuff that makes your skin look all plump and happy) begins a rather fast descent around age 30. Your hormones are changing, your skin’s thrown into flux – and your life has never been busier. So what’s a girl to do?

The answer varies for every woman’s skin type, and I’ll get into those details soon. Still, there are a few skincare rules every thirty-something should follow. The main goal of 30’s skincare is “Slow it down.” Aging is inevitable (and should be embraced!), but there are things you can do to make the process graceful and keep your skin younger for longer. Other than very obvious rules like “Don’t go tanning or smoke,” the best thing you can do for your skin is moisturize. Moisturizing restores balance and allows your skin to absorb lots of awesome anti-aging and protective ingredients. Natural anti-agers like hyaluronic acid & Vitamin E are known to repair lost elasticity, while sun-protecting ingredients help keep further damage at bay.

General advice is useful – but what about your specific skin’s needs? I’ve broken down the most common skin types for women in their thirties, with moisturizing recommendations for each. Hopefully, these categories can start you on your path to awesome “slow it down” skincare!

Normal Skin in Your 30’s:

Don’t get too excited, lucky lady – your skin might not be too dry or oily, but that doesn’t mean it’s not affected by your environment! Your skin will be brighter and smoother if you make sure to moisturize twice a day, especially one with a Vitamin E formula in the evening. You don’t need too much product, but make sure it’s evenly spread and absorbed before you hit the powder or the pillow.

Oily Skin in Your 30’s:

Say it with me now: just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean you shouldn’t moisturize! Your skin is oily because it’s overproducing oil and sebum. Moisturizing will help your skin stay balanced so it doesn’t produce even more – and besides, having oily skin doesn’t mean dry spots can’t appear. Particularly in colder seasons, you should be moisturizing with oil-based creams. In warmer weather, oily skin likes a lighter texture for moisturizers. Don’t worry: you can always use blotting papers & powder foundation to help reduce shine.

Dry Skin in Your 30’s:

Dry skin in your thirties is frustrating because it feels like it needs constant upkeep, and you don’t have a ton of time. But moisturizing doesn’t have to be tedious – I have a facial moisturizer that smells so heavenly that I’m always excited to put it on! Your formulas should contain occlusive ingredients – stuff to help retain your skin’s natural oils. On top of already being an anti-aging rockstar, hyaluronic acid is also great for dry skin. Apply your moisturizer without completely drying your face first to make the most of its absorption power.

Combination Skin in Your 30’s:

Ah, combination skin – the worst of both worlds! Combo skin doesn’t have to be a drag if you just use two different moisturizers in a smart way. Use a super-light moisturizer thinly spread over your whole face to take care of oily spots. Then apply a heavier cream on your drier areas to make sure they’re happy too! You might only have to do this at night, but test out both times of day to figure out what works best for you.

Sensitive Skin in Your 30’s:

Sorry to say, but you need a rather boring moisturizer if your skin is sensitive like mine. Make sure it’s unscented (or lightly scented with essential oils, if you know your skin can handle them), and it shouldn’t contain any plant by-products or synthetic ingredients. The rest of the rules are a lot like normal skin – twice daily, apply gently, and stop if you have any bad reactions.

Adult Acne in Your 30’s:

Adult acne can be a bummer – didn’t we get over this in high school?! Just because you have acne doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be using moisturizer. If you’re actively seeking an acne treatment, the products you’re using are probably drying out your skin. Moisturizing will protect your skin from outside elements, and should always come last in your routine. When you apply the moisturizer, be sure to go gently! Your skin is in a delicate state, and probably doesn’t want to be pushed or pulled too much.

From your beauty sleep & coffee addiction to your workplace environment, everybody’s skincare needs are different. If you’re interested in learning more about your skin by taking an in-depth (and super fun!) skincare quiz developed by me and my co-workers, sign up for Vain Pursuits’ personalized skincare. You’ll receive three skincare samples made just for you, along with advice & instructions from a skincare GalPal. You can mix & match different elements of your samples (like the texture of one and the scent of another) to create a full-size product you’re guaranteed to love. We’re all-natural, and cruelty-free, not to mention obsessed with Ma Nouvelle Mode. Just remember that skincare is a process, and you can’t pick & choose the days (or years) you take care of your skin. I hope to see you there, so we can work on making skincare fun – not frustrating.

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