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What’s in my bag?

I’ve seen these around the blogging world and I thought I’d get in on the fun! I carry a large bag because I usually just stuff things in there. I like my bag to be able to carry whatever I want it to! Is that too much to ask? Sometimes it can get a little heavy and then I need to rethink some things, but at least I know that it can hold what I want it to.

Now, full disclosure, my bag is never this neat. There are receipts, dirty napkins, and who knows what else always stuffed in there. This is me cleaning out the bag (which was much needed, see blogging does help in life!) and setting it up nicely for a picture. Make no mistake, my life is not this pretty!

bag of a beauty blogger

Alright, let’s start with necessities. Obviously my shades, phone and wallet. The shades I got at JC Penney and I love them. I actually have a different pair of shades in the case because, you know, options. But lately I’ve been wearing the aviators. My new iPhone is the 6 plus. It’s ginormous. But I happen to have pretty big hands, so we’re good. I haven’t noticed that it’s too big for me, although it is quite large. I wouldn’t suggest it if you have small hands, that’s for sure!

I bought my wallet from British people at a flea market in Nice, France. For 3 euros. I’m not a thrifter so for me that’s a score. I mostly love that I bought it in France and the tag says Paris on it. I recently bought another wallet at Target that is so soft and pretty but I just love having things with me that I got in another country. It’s just fun to carry around those memories with me.

Speaking of things I have purchased in other countries, that little notebook is from Vienna! I bought it in the train station as we were waiting to go to Bratislava. It’s got a woman with an umbrella and little letters are raining around her. I thought it was cute and you know, it’s always nice to have a notebook in your purse! Gotta write down all those blog post ideas!

what's in my bag

The cute little on-the-go tissues are from Kleenex and they’re designed by Betsey Johnson, one of my favorite designers. I did a post on them a little bit back and still cary around the tissues! Because seriously, so cute!

Then we’ve got blotting paper from Swisspers as a necessity. I love all things Swisspers and no one wants a shiny face. My Burt’s Bees lip crayon in Carolina Coast is always in there because it’s the perfect natural color that usually goes with whatever makeup look I’m wearing. I did a post here on all the colors they have. Also my favorite French pharmacy lip balm, Nuxe Reve de Miel needs to be always handy. When my lips are chapped (a lot lately!) that is what I reach for. It moisturizes and lasts without being sticky, it’s from lip balm heaven, I swear.

My little mirror is a favorite too, isn’t it cute? I got it at BlogHer last year in the little goodie bag I think and it’s perfect. For one it tells me I look great #win and two, it’s the perfect size. Every girl needs a cute little mirror in their bag.

I always, always, always have Legos in my bag. It’s pretty much all my boys play with right now and after seeing how creative they are with them, no complaints here! They spent the entire day the other day outside creating a Lego world. It was awesome. So I always have a few in my bag so I can give those to them instead of my phone. #parentingwin #amiright

Then I have my Arbonne Fizz Sticks. I love these things. Before I did my detox I loved Diet Coke. I justified it by not drinking it while in France (their’s tastes different) and then I would have it in the summer. I knew it was bad for me, and I tried to limit it, but still, not a good habit. You obviously can’t have soda on a detox diet, so instead Arbonne has these fizz sticks in the detox kit. They are about the same amount of caffeine as a green tea, so not too much, but they are fizzy like a soda with some flavor. I drink a lot of water and sometimes that just gets old, ya know? These are a pleasant break. Just throw a packet in your water bottle for a fun fizzy drink! I like to have some on hand for a long day out. It’s a nice pick-me-up. They come with the detox kit, you can see more info about that here.

There you have it! That’s what’s in my bag! My ECCO bag is nice and big so it easily carries it all. It’s also really great quality and real leather! I love it and right now, it’s my everyday bag. Although, not gonna lie, saw some cute bags at Ross today! Might have to hit that up!

What does your bag look like? Don’t worry, mine is usually a hot mess too, this post actually caused me to clean out my purse and make it look presentable! Maybe I should make it a monthly thing, to motivate me to clean it out every month? lol Except the contents wouldn’t change that much, so that wouldn’t be that interesting.

Hope you are having a fabulous Monday!!

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