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Simple Tips to Make the Most out of your Wardrobe

You know, it can be hard to write a fashion/beauty blog. It sometimes feels like I need to buy ALLTHETHINGS! Thankfully, (and by choice, of course) I’m a practical fashion/beauty blog for women who don’t have all the money, all the time, and all of the energy it takes to have a perfect wardrobe all the time. So instead of me coming here to tell you what you need to add to your wardrobe, let’s talk about how to make the most out of your wardrobe!

How to Make the Most out of your Wardrobe

simple tips to get the most out of your wardrobe


Yep, get rid of stuff. Seems counterintuitive, right? How can I create cute outfits when I’m getting rid of clothes? Well, most of the time we have a ton of clothes in our closet that we don’t wear for various reasons, too small, too big, doesn’t fit right, never really liked the color etc. etc. All those things are taking up too much space and distracting from the pieces that you will actually wear! Get rid of them! And by get rid of them, I definitely mean donate them or sell them online or some way of upcylcing them some how. Try not to just throw them in the garbage!

The other day my husband was cleaning the bathrooms (hey, I say if he can’t teach ‘em how to pee properly, then he cleans the toilet!) and I thought I’d go on a little cleaning/purging trip too! Mine was with my closet.

making the most of your wardrobe

Yes, I just threw my shoes on the floor in my closet. And yes, my closet is really that small. I know it doesn’t look that different, but I finally took out the clothes I didn’t wear. I took down and folded up all the tank tops that I won’t wear until spring and tidied things up a bit.There are also a few pieces that I told myself if I don’t find a way to wear them within the week, they’re out too.

There’s even the concept of a capsule wardrobe which I’m not sure I could ever do, but I like the concept. Caroline from Un-Fancy creates a capsule wardrobe each season and then just works within what she’s chosen. She shops for each capsule wardrobe but not during the season. Interesting concept!

mix and match

Girl, I feel ya. It’s easy to reach for the thing that you know works. And you know, you’re going somewhere different today so you won’t see all the same people! #Score. But really, try to mix and match things in a way you haven’t done. Colors, patterns, materials — it’s all the rage! Although I must admit, I haven’t gotten fully around to complete pattern mixing. I just can’t do it!

how to make the most out of your closet: mix and match

Have you done a 7×7 Remix? It will change the way you look at your wardrobe, promise. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s when you take 7 articles of clothing and wear only them for 7 days. Yes, it’s a challenge, but through the challenge you learn to mix and match things you might not have before. You learn to be resourceful with what you already have. And when the 7 days are done, you’re equipped to look at the rest of your closet that way as well!

try new things

This kind of piggy backs on the 7×7 challenge as well. When you are forced to work with the clothes you have, you get creative. So try tucking it in instead of letting it hang. Pull that skirt up higher and pair it with a belt. (If it’s a long skirt – I’m not suggesting Pretty Woman outfits just to make the most out of your wardrobe!) Belt that cardigan instead of just letting it hang. Layer in ways you never thought of before. Really you’ll love the ideas you come up with and all of a sudden your small wardrobe (because of #1) will seem so full of options!

find inspiration

One word: Pinterest. Don’t reinvent the wheel! Just browse through Pinterest and find styles you like and that you’d like to copy. I’ve got a style inboard, one for cozy fashion, and even one for beautiful shoes! Then look at your closet and see which articles of clothing you already own would work for that. They don’t have to be the same color, material, length etc. remember, you’re doing your take on the style. Just work with what you’ve got to recreate looks you already love!

don’t shop

This is probably not news to anyone, but more is not always better! I imagine a lot of heavy shoppers still look in their closets and think “I’ve got nothing to wear!” Instead of shopping for new clothes, use tips 1 through 4 to make the most out of your wardrobe. You will feel more satisfied, more creative, and have more money in your bank account! Wins all over the place!

invest in quality pieces

I know, I know, I just said “don’t shop.” And I meant it!! I think it’s wise to limit spending as much as possible. However, if you do need to shop, don’t buy just to buy. Once you’ve purged your closet and worked with what you’ve got & done your ‘research’ you should be able to shop wisely. And when you do, invest in good quality, classic, timeless pieces that will last. Sure those boots at Target might only cost $48 but they’ll only last one season. Maybe Nordstrom Rack’s cost $150 and you’ll have them for 4 seasons. I saw this list of 10 must have shoes for women and I definitely agree!

There you have it! Those are my simple, yet hopefully effective, tips to get the most out of your wardrobe! It seems like 2015 is the year for simplifying life, it might as well start in the closet!

Any tips you might have to add?

Good luck! And let me know how it goes!

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