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3 ways to wear a headband

Last week I showed you 4 ways to wear a thick crocheted headband that I got from Paige in a Blanket. I had received another thinner one but didn’t have the time to put up the tutorial last week, so here it is! I separated them because if I had kept them together the video would have been something like 20 minutes long. I need to cut all the chatting out!

3 Ways to Wear a Headband

3 ways to wear a headband

They are really all so easy because I really just don’t do tutorials that are hard! And besides, headbands should be easy, you know? Pretty and fast. I have a video tutorial below which will explain them all in more detail but I’ll show you each one of course! And feel free to pin away if you like them, it helps me out and I appreciate it!

Twisted side pony

twisted side pony with headband

WOW my hair is getting long!! All I did here, even though it might look a little more complicated, was put the headband on and leave out two front sections in front of the headband. Then created three twists in the back. One going toward the right side of the head and the other two toward the left. Then I had left out some hair in front and twisted that around and pinned it on top of the previous twists. Voila!

simple twisted side pony with headband


Twisted all up

twist and tuck with headband

This is similar to another tutorial I have that has done quite well on YouTube. It’s a simple headband tuck.  I kept out hair in front this time and after I tucked it, I twisted the hair back over it. It gives it a little more fanciness, ya know?

Headband half up

half up headband

Twist and tuck! You can keep going with this one and that would look really pretty too. But it’s nice and simple and a pretty way to dress up your hair in no time at all!

thin headband half up


So I’ve got them all on video today for you because it’s Friday!! You can check out last weeks post for more headband styles and my YouTube channel for more styles all together. I’m going to be posting videos there that won’t necessarily be on the blog, so head over and subscribe so you don’t miss a thing!

How will you be wearing your hair this weekend? If you try a hairstyle of mine – make sure you tag me in it or use the hashtag #mnmhairdo (on Instagram or Twitter) so I can see it!
Have a completely fabulous weekend!

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4 ways to wear a headband

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