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Twisted Side Braid tutorial

You know it’s kinda hard to be a beauty blogger in today’s world. Why? Because there are a ton of us and it’s hard to be original. I don’t want to copy anyone and I want to come at ya’ll with some cute hair & beauty related stuff that inspires you to want to do it yourself! So when I browse Pinterest I look for styles that are showcased, but don’t look at the tutorials. A lot of them don’t even have tutorials attached, so that makes it easy!

Today I was inspired by a picture on Pinterest, although I can’t remember which one, and then messing around with my hair. Sometimes I mess around and it looks awful and if I posted anything close to that it would be embarrassing. However, this time it worked out and this twisted side braid cam out of it so I get to share it with you!

Twisted Side Braid Ponytail

braided side ponytail hair tutorial

Pretty, right? I thought so anyway. You’ll never believe how easy it is. You don’t even need a ponytail holder, imagine that!! Just a few bobby pins and you’re good to go. Here’s a few more pictures for you to get the idea.

Twisted side braid hair tutorial twisted side braided ponytail

All you really need are bobby pins and…. well, that’s it! Just bobby pins! Of course you can also curl your hair, I used a one inch hot tools curling iron, and then dry shampoo is always on my list of ‘things to use’ in hairstyles. So that’s optional as well.

twisted side braided ponytail hair tutorial I’ve got a video tutorial for this pretty twisted side braid ponytail look for you, I hope you liked it! Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more beauty videos & maybe even some life stuff. I do two videos a week, one Monday or Tuesday and a hair tutorial Friday!

Watch the video on how to get this look. I absolutely know you guys can do it, I just know it. It’s easy and super cute and can be done really fast as well. Hope you enjoy & have a fabulous weekend!!

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