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4th of July Necessities

I cannot believe that this weekend is the Fourth of July. I just cannot. I need to stop saying things like that because I sound like a little old lady. “Time flies and before ya know it, you’re over here like me!” (In my best granny voice) But seriously, summer is in full swing and one of my favorite things about summer has got to be all the get togethers. The outdoor BBQ’s, family dinners, and celebrations. It’s definitely my jam.

Now, my husband, as you might know, isn’t American. Although he can respect the holiday, it doesn’t mean as much to him. He still likes to celebrate with us and he brings a little bit of his flavor along with him. And I love it!

4th of July necessities

See, he loves music. He plays it when he gets ready, always takes time in the car to turn it on before we drive, even if it’s just a 5 minute drive (which actually bugs the heck out of me, let’s just GO!) and he likes to play it in our house. So when holidays and parties come up, he busts out his speaker.

Monster sent us the new Monster SuperStar speak to try and it’s awesome. It’s the worlds smallest Bluetooth speaker so it’s perfect to take with you for all those summer parties. Even though the speaker is smaller than most part phones (specially mine, the ginormous iPhone 6+!) but it still packs the punch of a full size speaker. It is water resistant, so blast that baby by the pool! Available in neon blue, neon pink, neon green, or gray you can find this awesome speaker at Walmart.

Monster SuperStar

Now, Monster sent me the SuperStar to try out and I loved it so much that I wanted to make sure one lucky reader gets one too! Head over to my Instagram and enter to win there! The giveaway will close Friday, so go enter now!

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Stitch Fix Event & Box

You all know I’m a big lover of Stitch Fix. This post is not paid, just me loving on a company. A couple weeks ago they asked me to come down to LA to be a client at a vendor appreciation event to share why I love the company. I […]

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Double Dutch Braided Updo

I have a suspicious feeling that this summer is gonna be hecka hot. Like it’s June and we’re already hitting the 100’s. Ain’t nobody got time to mess around with heat on their hair! This style is perfect. Two Dutch braids and a simple bun in the back. You can […]

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Sand Pudding – Video Tutorial

So summer is officially here, it’s H.O.T. and the fourth of July is next weekend. What does that mean? It’s time to whip up some sand pudding! This recipe has been one of the most popular on my blog to date! Rightly so, it’s delicious, easy and fun and not to […]

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No Heat Hairstyles

Okay, so I’m getting a late start on life in general today, please forgive me! I got my video all done, edited and uploaded but didn’t write the post to go with it! Then my husband and I headed down to Downtown LA for a Stitch Fix event/date night. And […]

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Flamingo Fashion

It’s funny how trends work in fashion, one second a fox is all the rave and you can find them stamped on everything from onesies to pillow cases and then all of a sudden their out! What’s the next big thing going to be? I’ve never been much of a […]

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French Pharmacy Products You’ll Love

French pharmacy products are all the rave, aren’t they? As they should be, it’s so much fun (and a tad overwhelming!) shopping in a French pharmacy. They have everything from baby formula to hair care and it’s like candy land for beauty aficionados! However, as with most things in life, […]

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makeup for tired eyes

Makeup for Tired Eyes

Remember the app DripThat that I posted about earlier this week? I shared an easy day to night makeup look in some simple photos on the DripThat platform! I hope you liked the tutorial. If you’re new to DripThat, it’s a photo/video sharing app. You can share one photo or […]

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day to night makeup look

Day to Night Makeup Look

​Social media is a fun thing, isn’t it? It’s such a cool thing that such a big world can be so connected. Yes, there can be negative sides of the whole thing, but I choose to see the good in it. I am in contact with friends I knew from […]

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