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How to wear a Chambray Shirt – 9 ways!

One of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe is my chambray shirt. I bought mine while I was in Sweden a little while back and man was that a good decision! It’s slinky, not stiff, it fits great, and it’s long enough which, for this 6-foot-tall gal, is a pretty big deal! I thought it’d be fun to showcase how to wear a chambray shirt. I personally think everyone needs one in their wardrobe! I don’t like to say you need things around here, but if you’re looking to add to your wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with a chambray!

how to wear a chambray shirt

how to wear a chambray shirt

So versatile, right? It’s really the perfect piece for your wardrobe. It’s traditional between seasons, it goes with so many things, it’s comfortable and it’s cute. Let’s do this.

Chambray with a Maxi Skirt

how to wear a chambray shirt: with a maxi skirt

Maxi skirts are pretty awesome too. They’re like crotchless yoga pants, ya know? I know they seem like more of a summer thing, but I honestly think they’re more transitional pieces. Because when it gets so hot, the maxi skirt just traps the heat in there. But for spring, this is the perfect outfit. Nice flowy maxi skirt with a comfy chambray and you’re good to go! I tied my chambray shirt right above the skirt to give me more shape. When you’re wearing something flowy on bottom you want to make sure you have more of a fitted top.

Chambray shirt with a dress

how to wear a chambray shirt over a dress

This outfit was part of my 7×7 Remix I shared the other day. This dress and chambray top turned out to be one of my favorites. The dress has no shape at all, it really needs to be belted or cinched somehow and the chambray shirt was the perfect way to do it! My henna was so pretty too! It’s all faded now.

Chambray shirt with Colored Denim

how to wear a chambray with colored denim

The jean color really can go with anything. These jeans are a peach-isn color, but red, pink or purple work too! I half tucked the front of the shirt and chose a belt to go with the shoes. I like this look!

Chambray with Denim

how to wear a chambray with denim

When I think of denim on denim I go straight to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the VMAs years ago. Not a pretty sight. But if done right — and not over done — it can look super cute! This outfit was also part of my 7×7 remix and I wore it on our camel riding day. I added the leopard scarf to break it up a little bit and paired with my cute booties! I also like that the denim isn’t too match-matchy, the colors are just off.

Chambray all dressed up

how to wear a chambray dressed up

Who says a chambray can’t be fancy? It’s not exactly the first thing that comes to mind when you think of it. But tuck it in a cute, fancy skirt with a cute belt, some nice heels and a fancy necklace and you’re all ready for a night on the town! I really like the contrast between the denim and the faux-sheer skirt. The necklace is simple but sparkly and it brings the outfit together.

Chambray shirt with shorts

chambray with shorts

It might be a tad too early to be thinking about shorts as I’ve seen a good part of the world is freezing (via Instagram). Here isn’t so bad, I was able to wear these shorts for a picture! It was cold, but the sun was out and that’s something to be excited about here. A chambray shirt would look great with any pair of shorts. You could even mix some of these suggestions and pair it with some colored shorts or denim shorts. The options are truly endless! Oh and please excuse the supa white legs. Haven’t seen the sun in a while!

Chambray shirt over another

how to wear a chambray shirt over another shirt

Remember how I said transitional? This is the perfect outfit! You can layer it over another shirt for a lightweight jacket. This is perfect for late spring when it starts to warm up or even for layering during the winter. And this too was an outfit for my 7×7 remix!

Chambray shirt layered

how to wear a chambray shirt layered under

This one might be the most practical right now with everyone’s winters! Just throw your favorite chambray shirt under a warm sweater and not only do you have a cute outfit, but you’ll be nice and warm too!

Chambray with leggings

leggings and a chambray

I have to admit, this is one of my all time favorite outfits. It’s not the same chambray shirt as the other pictures, but it’s oh so comfy. It’s over-sized and I love it. I pair it with my favorite pair of jeggings from No nonsense. A pair of booties and we’re good to go!

If you already have one, then you are all set for ideas on how to a chambray shirt! If you don’t, I have put together a few options for you to find one!

wear to buy a chambray shirt

Now you’ve got some options – shop away! This will be a timeless piece that you will wear for years to come, it’s so versatile! It is one of my favorite over all pieces, I really think you won’t regret it!

I hope you all have a fabulous day!

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