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Simple Ways to Wear Bobby Pins

I am feeling good today! It’s almost time for Christmas break, our family is heading down to Barcelona which is cool, and no school for a while, so we are all stoked! And if you’re someone reading this who might be interested in robbing us while we’re gone, sorry! Someone already beat ya to it! There nothing left to take!

Anyway, today I thought it would be fun to share with you a bunch of ways to wear bobby pins. Because let’s be honest, we all need a few quick hitters in our hairstyle line ups, amIright? These can become your go-to, still look cute, and take a very minimal amount of time. I did a post on how to wear bobby pins a while back with a video (which I’ll include here at the end) and I think people found it helpful because they’re still checking it out today! Without further adieu, here’s:

12 Simple Ways to Wear Bobby Pins

12 simple ways to wear bobby pins in your hair

Everyone needs to have a few ways to wear bobby pins. When you learn, you can pretty much complete any style you’d like. They work different in different types of hair, but it’s all the same idea. These ideas are simple and can be worn alone or to create ideas & looks of your own! It’s great to have a good base. Let’s get started!

1.) Simple Side Twist

how to wear bobby pins - simple side twist

This is the style that I show you in the video tutorial. You twist it up and back and secure with a bobby pin. The way this is done is shown more closely in the video, but you grab hair from the bottom of the twist with your bobby pin, pull it up and push it in. It’s a lot harder to explain, probably better to watch the video!

2.) Simple Side Pin

simple Side Pin

If you can’t seem to master the twist and pin – no worries! I’ve got a few in the list where you literally just place the bobby pin right on top of the hair. Easy peavy and bonus cute points if you have cute bobby pins to show off! Mine aren’t too special, just gold shimmery, but I want to get some new pretty ones soon. Or even make some!

3.) Double Twisted Half Up

double twisted half up with bobby pins

This has more of a ’60’s vibe to it and it’s kinda cool, right? Just combined a bigger version of #5 added with #1 and you’ve got this style. I like that it’s kinda a faux half-up, ya know?

4.) Mini Pompadour

mini pompadour with bobby pins

This is a go-to bobby pins style for me. It’s easy, bangs out of my face, and I still look decently put together. Just pull the hair you want out of your face back, push it forward and in place where you want it and secure with two pins horizontal to each other across. You can also braid the pompadour for a little extra oomph to the style!

5.) Simple Side Twist for your Bangs

Simple side twist with bobby pins

This is basically the same as the first one but the other side. I like the look of the first one better, but I love that this one gets your hair out of your face. You can see this is a common goal of mine. #itdrivesmecrazy

6.) Side Swept Bangs

how to wear bobby pins side swept bangs

I love this one! It’s very plain Jane but sometimes simple is all you need. Just sweep your bangs to the side they normally fall to and secure with pins. I secured with two gold pins horizontally so that they’d show and add a little extra fun to the style!

7.) Big Pompadour

big pompadour with bobby pins

Why not just grab more hair, similar to a half up style but not as much hair and twist and pin it. I used the same technique as showed in the video and for the first style – twist and pin. Once you’ve secured your style, you can pull the hair out in places and make sure it’s all even and you’re good to go!

8.) Triple Twisted

triple twisted bangs

This one (well, I guess most of them) is pretty self-explanatory. You take three small sections in the front, one at a time, and do a small version of the twist and pin. You can push the bobby pin forward into the twist so that it can’t be seen. Another cute hair-out-of-my-face style!

9.) Criss-Cross half up

Simple half up with Bobby Pins

Super simple, I am sure you’ve seen it before, but I had to include it because I think it’s pretty! Try to find some fun bobby pins (or make your own!) that contrast your hair enough so you can see them. Then create a fun design. I did an X but you could do a triangle too!

10.) Side Swept

Big Side Swept style with bobby pins

This style is simply a rope braid starting from the side with the least amount of hair and ending behind the other ear. Secure with the twist and pin method and you have a lovely side swept ‘do. This would be a lot prettier, in my opinion, if it was done on curly hair. I just had straight hair for the day so I just went with it!

11.) Side pony

simple side pony tail with bobby pins

I am going to tell you right now, this looks more complicated than it really is. Unless you think it isn’t complicated – then you’d be right. It’s easy I promise. Take the side rope braid from above, already secured with bobby pins, then grab some hair from the front, mainly from behind the ear all the way up and twist it over the rope braid you have. Secure with pins and you’re done. Please tell me that didn’t sound complicated!

12.) Rope Braided Tucked Away

rope braid secured with bobby pins

Just do a simple rope braid or regular braid, pull it back and pin it! Done!

I said at the beginning of the post (and almost forgot) that I would include a video. I made this one a while ago – I think two years ago – so please forgive the less-than-stellar filming. But hopefully it gives you an idea on how to master this technique and even different ways to wear bobby pins.

So what do you think? Are these styles that you already where or would wear? I want to try to add to this list as time goes on with more ideas but I think this is a good starting point.

I’d love to hear what you think about these styles or even bobby pins in general. Do you have trouble with them? Any questions or tips you’d like to hear? I think I might do a follow up post of tips and tricks of using bobby pins or something like that.

Have a great day!

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